Library Checkout {4}

Continuing books by authors I’ve read before. I know that this is going to be vague but these books were awesome.

9780345496812_p0_v1_s260x420 + artwork, gore, story is goodaxeman

[Parasyte] I like were the series is going and the questions it is asking. I will say that it is funny that all these random girls keep popping up in the story.

One of the awesome things about actually liking books is being so into them that you finish them quickly.

a sicknessI have not read anything by the author before but I finished it so that is a achievement. This was pretty gory also in addition to having a good story. There are twists to the story which, is awesome to see. I will say that I was confused for a bit on certain happenings and things. Nonetheless, is a good graphic novel to read especially if you are looking for some mystery.

I did not get a chance to finish…

I need to finish The Odyssey novel first. I just took it back to the library.

Obligatory DNFers…


+ I can see its age, she is not a faux action girl

-I can see its age
lsh+ Sleepy Hollow

-All the other stories I read

I finished Sleepy Hollow and three of the nonfiction tales. I found those others  eh generally so I decided to just call it a day. I found Sleepy Hollow good. I do find it weird that people never mention that there are some racist bits in stories though. Then again who really mentions the flaws when they are trying to sell a book to someone. The racism was not beating people over the head with like some other books ( Gone with the Wind).  I actually find it interesting that there is actual inclusion of a African American character in a classic book at all. It was a poor portray still so there is no hand claps about it.  So to prepare you there is a few scenes that are racist toward African Americans.

I saw the show Sleepy Hollow on fox, thumbs up.

hounded-cover The mythology is different… that is the only plus to the book. I realized that I do not care for the characters or like how the mythological characters were being handled.

I am disappointed again. I have had this wish for a while to have gods come down and the main character has to fight them. Basically I want God of War in book form.

If the authors are really taking requests how about Bayonetta.


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