327&321: Meh

I thought that I would merge these books into one post because I had not a lot to say about both of them and they both are meh reads.


The Meh/Bad

It was good and had some chuckle moments. But it was not the same as the other books in the series.  It felt like just a long string of events just happening. It was interesting enough to read to the end a gift that most books cannot give me. I feel that the author should have ended the series at the last book before this one.  The sad thing is the author had me and my brother who is into the series too, on soon as it comes out buy it level. If we continue the series we are going to have to get it from the library. But I honestly doubt we will even do that.  I just feel the series needs to end or get back to being awesome.

( I found this awesome image at: http://lilufo.deviantart.com/art/Dr-Jekyll-and-Mr-Hyde-Book-Cover-395778261 )

The Good  There are some parts that were interesting.

The Bad  I feel that for most of the book nothing really happened. The main reason can attributed to most of the book seeming to be composed of talking. Talking about what happened instead of showing. Another problem is that this story is so well know that there are barely any  surprises. I never felt that connection to the characters or story truthfully.

One of the major influences in me thinking this book was just okay was reading other classics specifically Dracula and Frankenstein before this one. Dracula, Frankenstein, and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are so heavily associated with each other that I compared them.  I found Dracula and Frankenstein to be the better of the three.

Random Comment: One thing I find funny is that media has made Hyde uglier and bigger than what he really was. In contrast, characters like Phantom of the Opera get more handsome as the years goes by.


Dracula by Bram Stoker

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

Edgar Allen Poe


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