2014: My New Reading Plan

I know that this post is premature, we have 2 months left in this year. I needed to do this post so that you can understand my post after this. I will be going to University in 2014. I cannot take all of my 200 something books with me. So my plan is to pick ten books a month to read. Once I am finished reading all or at least 8( I guess) of those books I can get more.

  • It will force me to read certain books instead of putting them off.
  • 120 books in total if I read 10 a month. I read 7-8 books on a good week now so that maybe kind of a stretch. I may actually be able to do it because I will not have 50 or 60 books on my que. Plus I will not have 200 other book choices readily ready for me to read.
  • It will force me to dnf books instead of putting them on the hook.
  • My reading will be a lot more planned. So I can actually do all the heritage, genre, and book theme months on time.
  • More time to read by myself.


  • It will force me to read certain books.
  • Mood reading will kind of be extinct.
  • Big Books will probably not be picked as much.
  • Book a week reading may set in because I would want new books so I would rush to read through books.
  • What if I DNF half or more of the books I pick? What am I going to read then.
  • Less time to read depending on my schedule.
  • Books do not always end up giving what they promise. So I can plan to read a fantasy action book and it could turn out to be a philosophical sci-fi book that has no action at all.



Author: themollyweather

I like to read, a lot.

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