Bookhauls 10/18/13

I went to the library to pick up my library books that I reserved. I was supposed to get more but they were not at the library yet.
Manga/Graphic Novels
parasyte 4parasyte 5rc


I finally got these books after pining after them for so long.  On the subject of The Monk’s cover, it is pretty creepy and awesome.  I love that there are dragons and other creatures just flying around on the cover. On the subject of Genji it is pretty big at 1,000+ pages. I am supposed to not get anymore big books of this magnitude from the library.


Of course the library was having a sale so I have gotten more books.

I have been trying to diversify my reading. Since classics are something I really love, I wanted to find diversity not just in dealing with ethnicity but in the subjects that is being discussed. I found this book in my search for diverse books.
Clotel is about Thomas Jefferson’s daughter whose mother was a slave. The pretty awesome thing is that I found this book in the process of doing my America Through The Ages Theme. This book really fits in so many ways to those set of books.
I knew what this book was about before getting it, sex. That is the only thing that I still know about it. The funny thing is I did not realize until later that this book had a nipple on the cover. I seem to be getting book covers with nude people for some reason.

Trying to Collect All of…




Not going on books left to read list: I accidently rebought People of the Lakes. I bought Yookoso to help me in my quest to learn Japanese.



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