Shelf Checkout 10/17/13

Since I did not believe I was going to the library I wanted to do a mock book picking to prepare myself for university when I can only bring 10 books. I seemed to be picking up exclusively historical fiction books mostly set in America. I thought of the theme:

America Through The Ages

1270 A.D. – Starting off with Native Americans perspective with some fantasy mixed in


1700s- founding fathers perspective


1800s- I read even more scandal

Post-Civil War

1800s-then I will pick up on a book that I actually won on goodreads set during the Great Chicago Fire


1906-  big earthquake and a serial killer

1919- Big Secrets


1930s-  more murder  and mayhem set during the Jazz age

I don’t know what two other books to pick so I will leave the last two books blank and read randomly. I usually only read 7-8 books in a month anyway. I used to before I started going to the library heavily.

DUE= I will just see how long it takes me to finish the books. I am getting 8 new  books from the library also so I cannot set a exact date on when I want to finish these books. I can’t just not do my awesome theme after thinking it up. I can’t hold off until later because I will not be in the same mood to read these books. So I will probably be going back into updating the queue on the scale that I used to do it.


Author: themollyweather

I like to read, a lot.

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