October Update


The Lake- Why don’t I read more Japanese fiction?

First the books that did not pass the first chapter test

On Agate Hill, The Last Nightingale, The Rabbi’s Cat, Corpse Delivery Service, Beloved, Bury Me Deep

The 18+ Books I am Reading/DNF

I added how far I am in the book so I know what part I am judging a book on. I did not keep track of all the books I read during the month like I usually do so there are some books that are not on here. The books that fell through the cracks will make a appearance on my library checkout review probably.

  1. The Winter Queen- [past 50%] When do I realize that I need to dnf a book? When I decide even before reaching 50% that I will not continue the series. When I do not exactly care for a story. When  I realize that I am only reading the book because it is short and not awful. I could functionally finish this book because it is not a horridly bad book and it is set in Russia. I just feel that the story went off the deep end a while back and is meandering around. I need a good mystery book that has a mystery that excites me. DNF
  2. She Who Remembers- [5 or 6 chapters] I just realized that this one was meandering around. I did not care about the story or where it seemed to be going. DNF
  3. The Tale of Genji – [chapter 3 or 4]I like you but if this becomes a guy going from girl to girl, I will find myself bored. I guess I will come back to this one.
  4. The Monk-  [chapter 6] I guess I will come back to this one. I was promised obscenity, action, creatures. I am getting an essay on how everyone met each other and other stuff you are boringly telling.
  5. Parasyte vol.4 Finished
  6. Parasyte vol. 5 Finished will talk about in my checkout review.
  7. Parasite Eve [Part 1]  I think it is okay but Ring is better. I think reading two Japanese novels at the same time was kind of a mistake especially with how similar they are.
  8. Into the Whirlwind-[a little past 50%] post coming soon about why I dnfed  this book and Happy Mutant Baby Pills. DNF
  9. Bury Me Deep- [20 or so pages] I feel no character investment and I just don’t care or feel this story is going to go anywhere. Totally off topic does anyone else think the girl on the cover looks light skinned. I was hoping a little bit that the character was light skinned. DNF
  10. Scandalmonger-[prologue] I am liking it so far. I cannot wait for when they deal with Thomas Jefferson and his indiscretion that caused Clotel. I am reading Clotel at the same time which makes this a even greater experience.
  11. Beloved-[ 5 or 6 pages] very confusing writing. I am really realizing that when authors change the fundamental structure of a book it causes the book to not work for me. Using a few examples from this year, Cold Mountain, The Road, and Pussy King of the Pirates all had no quotation marks.  I am getting to the point that I feel that the change seems to be trying too hard and pointless. The change gets in the way of me enjoying the story because I am either confused or cannot get into the story  DNF
  12. Passing Samaria- [chapter 1] I feel that this is a book that I do not need to read right now. I need to read all my other books from my theme before this one or at least finish one. I kind of feel that the main character seems a bit like me in where she in her life right now.
  13. True Blood Finished
  14. Clotel- [chapter 6] I am liking what I am hearing. Reading Scandalmonger, Clotel, and other historically based novels makes me think about how much people put history in a box. Another blog ( whose name I cannot recall) brought this up a while back about how authors try so much to make a story fit into what we preserve as what this time period entails. I was reading Clotel not knowing anything about the author. I looked at the back of the book and saw his picture   if I wouldn’t have saw this picture I would have never know. Clotel is written slightly differently than most classic novels. I am surprised because most books, television, or generally all of media keeps pushing that all African Americans during slavery time period were illiterate and if they are lucky to not be illeteratue they mostly talk in a blackcent. We barely get stories of African Americans during this time who are not slaves. I comment on the topic of diversity in historical fiction a lot but when you get books like this it makes me think what is all this other stuff. I know that slavery is a intricate part of Clotel but still. Why don’t we get a movie or book about William Wells Brown or lesser know African American authors/ figures? I would have less of a problem with media depicting slavery if slavery was not the only historical thing they depict other than civil right movement. I spent so long not wanting to read African American novels just because this simple fact. I find it actually nice that once I got past this stance I am finding good books like Clotel. I’m sorry this probably is a big ramble.
  15. Beast of Burden: Animal Rights- [53%] animals and the supernatural, yes.
  16. Batgirl- [ it does not have page numbers ] I never thought I would be that much into heroes, even though, I like the recent superhero films that have been coming out. I like all the dimensions that I am seeing.
  17. Ring- [part 1] I saw  the second Japanese film and all of the American films ( I think). I also saw Scary Movie which while not ruining the book for me right now will hopefully not ruin it in the future.
  18. Walking Dead Finished
  19.  Let’s Pretend This Never Happened: I decided to break down and read it. I honestly only bought it because of the mouse on front and I saw it for cheap. It did not have the dust-jacket so I did not get the luxury of seeing that it is a memoir. I do not like memoirs, biographies, or autobiographies. Also, I do not seem to enjoy books were people are trying to be funny. I find that most writers who are trying to be funny try too hard. It is really awkward and annoying because they think they are so funny and hip. Then again I do not give my laughs for free. DNF


  • How do people read so many books in a month/week? I feel that other people have the ability to pick books that they will actually like. While, half the books I read I do not like. I kind of think I have picking book problems. Vanity Fair seems like it would be a book that would interest me a  woman antihero classic character. I want to get back into classics but they are running too much of the same for me. I think realizing the problem of diversity and my school work time increasing is messing me up with reading classics.
  • I am young, sick, and bored.  I was looking at this book discussion http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wzHd2af3HGI talking  about how the books she reads does not go there in terms of cringe worthiness. I thought about my reading. I want to read books that shock, make me cringe, and emotionally hook me. I thought that Stephen King was going to do it but he is not right now. I thought up a theme that would be perfect to push me to read more dark cringe worthy books.  I am young, sick, and bored. I have to figure out how I am going to format it and stuff. I actually have been thinking up so many themes/challenges to help me read the books I own.
  • I need to read up on Asian mythology. I have been reading The Tale of Genji which mentions the godess of beauty Kichijo. So I google researched about Japanese mythology which is really interesting to compare all the different mythologies I know. I wanted to get books on different mythologies last time at the library but got distracted by all the other books I wanted to get.

While I have not been doing much in terms of reading the books I own ( I finished 1 book this month. I did dnf at least 30 so that is something. As long as I bring my list down to I don’t want to go dnf crazy though, to the point of getting rid of books that actually will like). I have been happier lately  with my reading which hopefully will not go away as soon as I say this. I think things have been going well because:

A. I do not dwell on bad books. As soon as I sense a bad book I dnf it. I don’t spend  that much time thinking about how horrible it was  and did I make the right decision. I do not let myself finish bad books as much.  I let go of Into the Whirlwind and The Winter Queen even though I was more than half-way through them. It works better if I dnf instead of going all the way to the end then getting very angry.

D. I am reading more manga/ graphic novels. It is beautiful. They are giving me the action, adventure, horror, and mystery that I’ve been wanting.

E. I am getting better at knowing what is right for me as a reader.

F. Ultimately, I am reading books that are getting things I want down and are not disappointments.

I probably should use this for my end of the year wrap up but to actually do a monthly/weekly wrap up were I am not in a reading slump, unhappy, or depressed about what is out there in the reading world needs a pat on the back.

November Plans: I will be reading East of Eden for my goodreads group. It will most likely take over because I need to finish it by the end of November.  I will also be finishing the rest of my library books. Then probably getting more library books even though I am kind of feeling in the mood to read the books I own. I rationalize it with a you are not going to be seeing this library soon so just read. I will have plenty of time with the books I own when I go off to University. Then again they will most likely have a library where I can go. As long as I am happy and reading I am good.  I highly doubt that I will finish all the books on my America Throught the Ages theme/challenge. I probably need to so I can read all my favorite things for December.

Goals I have for November that may leak into December because I have my usual reading multiple books at a time insanity.

– Finish East of Eden

-Finish America Through the Ages [4 books]

-Finish all my library books before due date Nov 8th


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