Library Checkout {5}-{6}

Lets start this time with the books that did not work for me.

Could not get into these books

Twelve- your using a different name but they are still… an overused supernatural creature and the characters are very blah

Vanity Fair- I had no character investment.

The Headmasters Wager- no character investment and characters felt stale.

The City of Devi- Honesty circle here, I read 8 pages. I do not like cheating period. I cannot help feeling also that  getting back into Asian shows is another factor. Committing to this book would have meant biting into my drama watching time.

The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Serivice vol. 1- No character investment

Parasite Eve- I just was not impressed

Written weird in an awful way…

The Jungle Books

One Flew over the cuckoos nest

The rabbi’s cat

I Need Action Now Not People Walking Around… [ May Comeback to Later Books]

The Tale of Genji 

+Japanese mythology, culture

– feels like Genji will just be walking around trying to get women

The Monk

– I feel cheated overall for all the good and juicy bits, taking too long to get to the obscenity


+ shows the faults of both  Native Americans and the white settlers equally, it did not force a romance, Native Americans perspective, white settlers perspective

-/+ the ending

parasyte 4parasyte 5

-the girls in the story have basic personalities

+not afraid to be gory and put character through something, progression, character development, things get darker and intense

Comments: I realized that the library does not have the last three volumes. So I will not be finishing the series before leaving.

+  girl power thing going on, action, artwork is beautiful

– feels like a cash grab for True Blood fans, darkest secrets were lame, thinking in context of these characters they should have way darker grittier secrets, after a couple of pages the characters did not feel like the characters from the book or show

+[a few at the beginning] funny moments

Comments: My brother and I wanted to buy the True Blood the manga because we are fans of the show. Then I thought of an even better idea why not get it from the library. I am happy that I got it from the library instead of buying it now. This is why I go to the library instead of buying books.

Conclusion: I am doing really well with my library hauls recently. I think the main reason is getting a lot more graphic novels and manga.  They do not skimp on the action and adventure.

For a little while my finished library books and books I own were equal. Now however they are not equal. So I will most likely not being going to the library for a while. I have one more library checkout review which is this one I am in the middle of now. I will be finishing it next week probably.  I have to keep remembering not to get caught in the excitement of new and free, forgetting  the point of this blog. I need to read the books I own.  Also, I am not exactly feeling the library that much right now so I will be taking a break.


Author: themollyweather

I like to read, a lot.

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