Top Ten Tuesday: If I could Redesign covers

My list in no particular order.

1. My cover

    I like this version better because it gives the book personality.  The simple fact that historical fiction about Korea is underwhelming[read almost zero] used means that the beauty of the hanbok is not seen as much as it could be. So this cover is better.

my cover: LarryMcMurtry LonesomeDove.jpg2. Buffalo Girls or most Larry Mcmurty book covers…

The best cover he has is for the Lonesome Dove series. Buffalo Girls needs something that showcases Calamity Jane and the women of the wild west.  I have not read Buffalo Girls but I have read Lonesome Dove which has a lot action and adventure. If Buffalo Girls has action and adventure also the cover artist needed to show that.

 show the women in this book doing some action stuff on the cover. Spice it up !

3. my cover


Tess of D’ubervilles- so basically any and almost every other book cover is better than mine.   I actually had a book cover on my book even though it is hard cover. I used to make book covers for all my books. I only recently took all the book covers off my books. I wish that I could find the book cover I used from a magazine to cover my book up to show you.

4. Clotel-  I cannot find my books cover online so this one will be used instead. I actually like most of the covers for Clotel but I wish that there more covers that are different to get it more exposure. Most of the covers are similar to this one a woman looking off somewhere. I wish that cover artists and publishers could spread the redesign love over to some of the lesser know classic books to give them more exposure. I am going to be honest seeing all the covers for books like East of Eden or Frankenstein is a beautiful gift. Nonetheless, it pains me so to see books that barely have one cover get no exposure because they do not get 50 different redesigns a year.

My vision for a new cover design  is from one of the scenes in the book were a woman dresses as a man.


5. my cover: These are the only covers for the novel I need to read this novel so I can do a personal cover redesign.

6. It is so basic. I feel that they used up all the cool cover designs for Sherlock Holmes.

7.   I just feel that this cover is okay but could be so much better. I need to read this so I can come up with a redesign.

8. In result of both books having the same name I keep seeing the cover with the white wig and thinking it is a different cover for my book. I actually like both. Not trying to still the cover design or anything but I think that the cover for Scandalmonger with the wig would look nice for a cover redesign for Scandalmonger by William Safire.

my cover

9. For this one I had a book cover on the book for so long that I forgot what the original cover looked.

How I thought it looked:

My cover:  It really shows why I hated the book. A story that starts out about family is taken over by the

epic(ly lame) romance story.

10. I actually had a girls in dresses redesign cover  for this book but I dnf the book. So this is my chance to show the picture I had in mind for my I love girls in dresses review.

itw my cover

We Need More Cover Redesigns

  • to get lesser know books (mostly classics) more exposure.
  • to depict what is actually inside the book.
  • Spice it up!
  • To get a wider audience of book readers

If only I was a book designer.


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