Library Checkout {8}

psycho + One of the things I worried about is if knowing the basic plot and being spoiled would ruin the story. I am happy to say that it did not ruin story and actually gave the story a different feel. Honestly, since I did not see the movie I did not know every point of the story anyway.
+ It did not feel dated
+ All the characters were interesting
+It is a short book coming in at 175 pages
+ It made me excited about the horror genre which has in the past given me mostly duds
I could not get into this…
[to a bit of chapter 2]
3[up to a bit of chapter 4]
+Introduction of Tara
Con: Jumping around from this to that without explaining or making me invest in anything. It did not take time to make me care about her, any of the other characters, or the story.
I went to the library to checkout the other thing I had on hold. I decided not to get anymore books. I was on time constraints first of all so I could not be in the library for too long. Then I did not want to get any books that were too big of a commitment. So nothing at 1,000 or 500 pages. Before going to the library I wanted to read the books I own anyway. No library hauls until next year, maybe.

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I like to read, a lot.

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