320: The Lake

Expectation: This would be a mystery and suspenseful.

The Good

I have been reading so many books that have been epic fails lately that I forgot how it feels to actually like a book.
What I love about Japanese fiction.

  • Japanese people think differently than Americans.

I felt that this book was quieter with its messages. American authors try so hard sometimes that it is annoying. I enjoy the style that most Japanese authors write in.  The weirdest thing is that usually at  or near the fifty percent mark of most books I feel angry because at that point this book is not going to have a turn around. All my expectations are not usually met, the book was not what it advertised.  I reached the last 8 pages of The Lake and was like wow this is what this book was. I was okay with the overall story. The funny thing is that this would not seem like a book that at this moment I would like. Right now I have been dnfing or putting books down until later because they are not filled with action.

  • messages- I feel that it dealt with so many different messages. So many of the messages are different from Americans opinions.
  • Very straight forward, characters are blunt sometimes that it feels rude.

It is not plot driven so do not expect a mystery like I did. Then again after a couple of pages I knew this book was not going to be that.

The Bad

Sometimes the book had message or moments were I was like what. This happens when I watch Japanese dramas there is a moment were some of the messages feel like too much or don’t fit. Sometimes the main characters were really rude for no reason.

Conclusion: I felt happy and ready to read more books. This is the feeling I should feel after reading a book. I just thought why don’t I read more Japanese fiction? I need to read more Japanese fiction.


Author: themollyweather

I like to read, a lot.

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