325:The Observations

The Good

The beginning introduced me to a character who had a unique voice. At first the mystery was interesting.  I got little tidbits here and there adding to the mystery. I did get something out of it even in the last half of book.

The Bad

Unfortunately, like Tigana the tidbits are a ploy that lures you into thinking that the story is going to go somewhere. No this book does not go anywhere important or interesting. Just like Tigana, once I reached close to 50 percent of this book I got bored and angry. I stopped caring. The ending was anticlimactic.  A climax involves a book that does not drag on a story that could have been cleared up in 250 pages or less. I sometimes think it is crazy that I put down books so much. Then I am introduced to books like The Observations and realize that there is a fundamental reason some books get put down so easily. The mystery turned out to be really lame.  The pacing was terrible. I made excuses for the book using such words as it is “slow”. I believed that there was foundation being layered to get to something more interesting. Then the main character randomly gets feelings she did not have in the first place. It felt convenient for the author to progress the story. Then the back story of the maid was mildly interesting but after a while the author kept milking it to garner sympathy from the reader. I stopped caring a long time ago so it just felt like a bunch of filler at this point. A lot of this story feels like filler to a mystery that once again could have been dealt with in half the pages.

Conclusion: You are wondering why did I finish this book while actively being bored by it? Why did I finish a book that I knew in my heart of hearts was not going anywhere? I do not know honestly.


Author: themollyweather

I like to read, a lot.

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