332: Peter Pan

The Good

I started reading this book online a while back. I tried to keep reading it but it was not happening. So I started over from the beginning at the time it was really good and even now I do not regret starting over. When this story is good it is good. Adventure is in full force here. It is darker than  the mass majority of children books.

The Bad

Certain aspects of the book bothered me such as Wendy coming  basically to Neverland to be a maid mother.  I know that I probably have to take into account time period but it still bothered me.  Once I finished Peter Pan I did not feel a urge to continue to Kensington Garden so it is a dnf.

The Meh

I just feel that overall it will be a okay forgettable book. Yes, I will go on rants about other books or media keeping true to the story but this book does not have a place in my heart.


Author: themollyweather

I like to read, a lot.

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