Finished Clotel- I need to read more slave narratives!

Books I DNF

  1. Velocity- Really? Is this little first chapter supposed to be funny? This is a direct [tie] into my October update. I am just so sick of authors trying so hard. I am at the point now that I do not even get mad I just dnf and move on.  DNF
  2. Mr. Murder- I bought this book and Velocity last week at the thrift store because I have another book by Dean Koontz. I had this idea to read most of the books before adding the books to my books left to read list. The only good thing about this book is being able to dnf 3 books at the same time. Good thing I did not even bother adding this book to my list. DNF
  3. In the dark of the night-No character investment and the horror factor was lame. DNF
  4. The Vampire Lestat-  The flowery language, over description, and feels like no action is a struggle. I just feel like there is not any action happening. The action that is happening is drowned out by the flowery writing. Even better is the soul-searching emoness that is overflowing the story. I decided to give her books a dnf all around. DNF
  5. The Celebrated Jumping Frog and Other Stories- DNF I just don’t feel into the story and I was not into A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthurs Court. I will just stop getting his books.
  6. Three Parts Dead- [up to a little bit of chapter 4] I’ll get into it in my library checkout review but just know that it was a DNF.
  7. War for the Oaks- It feels like a average paranormal romance book. I just could not get into it.
  8. Book of Skaith [Ginger Star]- It feels like another book I read this year, which I cannot remember the name of right now. That book had some of the problems that that book did too. I felt that the adventure aspect of both was lacking. I did not think the adventure sounded like it was going to be exciting. I actually did start this book feeling really interested in the character and his journey. When he reached the planet I started to feel underwhelmed. The world and how it functions was very eh/blah. The more I learned about the world the more eh it became. Then the characters started to suffer. I felt that there was nothing here for me.
  9. People of the Lakes- The first thing that turned me off is the prologue. I never realized that people skip prologues. I don’t skip prologues because they have a point to the story. I do skip all those things before the story such as forewords because they do not have a baring on the story. I wrote all this to get to the point of how pointless and boring the prologue in this book is. First of all, I didn’t actually read the entire thing in result of it being 23 pages that I felt had nothing to do with the story at all. The pages I read only made me think the authors are pretentious. So skipped the prologue to the story. I have four or five books in this series which people said you can read out-of-order. I did not like it. I just feel that this book and the rest of the books is going to be blah. I tried to read a bit of the other books but it was a no go.
  10. The Weight of Numbers- I just feel that this book is going to be one of those books that is too literary (boring, not to say all literary books are boring just this one) to do anything involving science fiction.
  11. Dragon’s Pawn- eh
  12. Conan the Raider- eh


I saw this show recently called Twisted that airs on ABC Family on Netflix. Twisted made me want to read books that embodies different themes from the show. One of the themes is a good murder mystery. If there is anything I can say about the  first books of the Pretty Little Liars series is that the mystery was really good. I started watching The Lying Game show to have something to watch after Twisted. So I ended up previewing the first book because of the show. My Review: I did not feel compelled to finish this book for the same reason I decided to stop reading the Pretty Little Liars books. I simply am not into the teen scene. I have so many problems with how teens are portrayed in media. DNF

Now that we are passed those let’s get to the books that I liked this month

I seem to be into the Psychos lately.

  1. Psycho FINISHED
  2. East of Eden- I was supposed to finish this book by the end of this month but I just don’t feel like it. This is actually a good book but putting pressure on myself to read x amount of pages a day is making it feel like a chore. I need to take my time on this one.

What I want right now

  • Interracial relationships
  • Diversity in terms race, body size, portrayal of the different genders, fantasy worlds, supernatural creatures, and overall what authors talk about
  • A Fantasy world that is unique and interesting. I do not want a fantasy world that is set in our world.
  • Murder mystery/horror/

Pet Peeves of the Month  I know that this is the rant that seems to keep coming from me. I was being nice about this at first but I’m getting trigger happy now. Do not say you are a action/adventure/mystery/horror or whatever genre then not be that genre. Or even more irritating make me wait until past 100+ pages to do anything. I need a story that does what is needs to do right now. Not a story that says it is x but has people walking around and talking to each other. Speaking of things that annoy me what is it with fantasy/sci-fi worlds that are not creative. Then if I am lucky enough to see creativity then the characters are off. Something is always wrong. You know what, I could even deal with a world that is not that creative if the author sells it. I’m not going to fool myself because the lack of uniqueness in the worlds is making me angry. Why does every fantasy world seem to just be kings with a little magic thrown in? We have a gift of creating a world why are we just making worlds that look like ours?

  • My 2014 Reading Plan: I think I am going to stay home for another year so YEAH!
  • The Perfection Theory: Coming Soonish
  • A lot of things coming to a head: I am realizing a lot of things that are making what I will read smaller. I am becoming way more conscious of the way women are being portrayed recently. I do not like that women are most of the time stereotypes. Why is every woman cookie cutter or an evil villainess? Then again I am having a problem how a lot of issues are being dealt with.  This week I dumped a couple of books from authors who in the past I would have said that I liked. I feel that my feeling have not changed but become more up front about books. In result of starting this blog I have become less tolerant. I feel that I have to be a happier reader. The secret to my happiness as a reader is cutting a lot of ties that I keep holding onto. I need to move forward and not look back.

More Reasons I am Happier in My Reading

G. I am reading outside of the box I put myself into. Realizing a lot of issues in books and media period has made me want to read outside of my box. One of the issues that I am really thinking about lately is how women are portrayed  in books. Another issue that I am actually addressing more in my reading is diversity. Specifically, I am trying to read more books with people of color in fantasy. The lists on goodreads and on the internet are really helpful to these goals. One of the lists I am starting on right now is: it

I. I don’t feel hopeless. List like the one I listed above let me know that there are books out there that I am looking for. It is a wonderful amazing feeling to know this. I just need to search, acquire, and read.

& goodreads

I. I am letting go of genres and authors. I feel that a lot of genres and books could functionally could work for me. That  is why I kept reading them. I kept looking for this needle in a haystack. The bottom line is that these genres are just not going to be what I want them to be. I feel that these genres have not grown with me as a reader. I need to move on than staying around and ranting.

J. I am not giving up on a genre after reading a bad book. In the past I would read a bad book then not read a genre for a while. This may seem contradictory to point I, it is just a point of feeling hope in overall in certain genres. While feeling none in contrast for other genres.


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