New To Me Authors I Want to See More Of

This list is in no particular order.

1. {S.J. Watson}

I am reminded that mystery can be a thrilling and interesting genre.

2. Anna Karenina {Leo Tolstoy}

The writing was so amazing that it immediately hooked me in a store. I was so into it that I could not even read any of my other classics that I actually own. I had to buy it during my kind of book buying ban. So worth it.


The artwork and story.

4.parasyte-v-1_cover-artboxart_160w {Hitoshi Iwaaki}

I have read volume 1-5. The stakes get high with each volume.

This series and graphic novels/manga in general was rocking it in my life this year. It really made me remember my love for graphic novels and manga.

5.psycho{Robert Bloch}

Horror can be so amazing with the right author. There does not need to be billions of pages neither does it have to take most of the book to get to the good stuff.

6.{Conrad Richter}

An unbiased view from both sides of the coin.

7.{Mary Shelley}


I got so much sick joy out of this book. This is what I wanted this year books that are unfiltered horror that does not play nice.  I know that he does not have any other books published which, sucks.


So many things were done well here but the best probably is the realism.


I like that I could come in without having to read the other books in Batgirl’s back story. Girl power and just a character who is portrayed accurately.


Author: themollyweather

I like to read, a lot.

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