318:First Men in The Moon


“When penniless businessman Mr. Bedford retreats to the Kent coast to write a play, he meets by chance the brilliant Dr. Cavor, an absentminded scientist on the brink of developing a material that blocks gravity. Cavor soon succeeds in his experiments, only to tell a stunned Bedford that the invention makes possible one of the oldest dreams of humanity: a journey to the moon. With Bedford motivated by money, and Cavor by the desire for knowledge, the two embark on the expedition. But neither are prepared for what they find—a world of freezing nights, boiling days, and sinister alien life, in which they may be trapped forever.”


I just feel that this book was an overall meh with a few occasions of good. In the beginning the promise of seeing the dynamics of a friendship made me so happy.  The friendship aspect I was expecting did not happen. Actually, an event happened closer to halfway through the book that annoyed me. I will not get into it because it is a spoiler. I will say that it was a development that I did not care for. H.G. Wells kind of made up for this even a bit later on. He could not however make up for the connection that I never felt. I could blame it on listening to this book on audiobook almost exclusively. I could say that this simple action caused me to lose parts. It could be that it was overly descriptive  too. Whatever happened I did not fully ever get into the story or the characters. I just feel like I missed something. I think the best part of the story is the last couple of chapters.  There was a part towards the ending that made me actually annoyed with a character. I stayed annoyed until the author showed that there are two sides to the story which I support. Now that it is over I feel nothing. I think that H.G. Wells has done better.

Comments: So as the first book I finished this year in 2014 it was okay.


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