January 2014 Reading Plan

What is the theme of this month? I do not have an exact theme like I did last time but if I had to name one it would book to movie/tv. Of the 10 books 7+ of the books have an adaptation. I know that having these movies/shows to look forward to will push me to finish books. I also have 2 books set in China and one book dealing the Chinese American immigrant experience.

1. All Together Dead [#115]

Genre: paranormal romance

I am trying to read all the Sookie Stackhouse books I own this year. I have six left to read so I will try to read one every other month.  I already started this book a while back. I am hoping that this book gets better because what I read so far was not it.

2. Lady Chatterley’s Lover[#488]

Genre: classic, erotica

I’m keeping it pg-13 with the book cover.

3. The Good Earth[#29]

Genre: Historical fiction

I am scared that this not going to be enjoyable, there is a  possibility of it being racist and dealing with the immigration experience poorly. I mean Shanghai Girls  did happen last year. I am giving this book a chance because Shanghai Girls was not good all because of the writing. That and I have the movie coming up soon to record.

4. The First Men In the Moon[#472] – I finished this today.

Genres:Sci-fi, classic

5. Misery [441]

Genre: horror

Yes, I will be reading this book while I am still in the middle of The Stand. I already started it and it is nice. For some reason I was surprised that Stephen King was taking care of business in the first twenty pages.

6. The Emperor’s Pearl[#347]

Genre: mystery/historical fiction

I actually saw the most recent movie for this series before getting this book.

7. Empress [#369]

Genre: historical fiction

This was picked for my randomizer challenge. I am excited to see royalty or  just a historical fiction novel that is not set in England.

8.The House of Caine [#136]

Genre: horror

I  started this and it is okay. I am pushing it back because there is a stronger need for me to read Misery right now.


I found out that they were airing the series for these two books so I need to read these also.

9. Anne of Green Gables[#506]

It is rounded up 10 hours.

10. The Swiss Family Robinson[#496]

Genre: Adventure

This one is 13 hours rounded up.


Author: themollyweather

I like to read, a lot.

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