Reading Resolutions


1. Read all the books I own until there is 80 or none [deadline: January 1, 2015]

This is the last year in my challenge to read all the books I own.

2. Read more diversely

Last year my eyes opened  to so many problems with my reading. I could not go back into ignorance because  it was making me so angry. It is a matter of my reading happiness. I want to read books that are creative and not about the same old things. I want to read awesome books that include different race characters. I want so many things that I hope I can find this year.

3. Delve more into these genres: horror, adult fantasy, mystery, and just explore more genres

Among the many problems with my reading last year I know that I was focusing my reading on genres that were not for me.  I need to read the genres that are consistently overlooked in my reading. The crazy thing is I feel that I kept going even though I kept repeatedly for years knowing that certain genres were not doing it for me. While  I like ranting I do not want to spend this year ranting and wasting my time on books that are not for me.


I need to be on top of things

I need to be conscious of what I want as a reader. Last year, I spent a lot of time barking up the wrong tree and going around in circles. I need to be brutally honest and direct. I do not want to spend this year like I spent 2013.

5. Stop putting books on the hook or side.

Odds are you do not like x book now and will not like it in some magic future were that makes all its problems go away.

6. DNF even more books

I finished a lot of books that did not deserve a finish. This year I need to embrace dnfing because it is my best friend.

7. Plan more while not losing mood reading

I need to be scoping out books and planning themes more. I think creating themes will be fun while serving the purpose of helping me choose what I need to read.

8. Read more than one book this year from my favorite authors

9. Don’t pressure myself to read!

Non-book Related

10. Support my other hobbies a lot more.



Author: themollyweather

I like to read, a lot.

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