January Reading Plan: In Reflection


It is not enough

A theme you will see in my January planned reading is that there is this aspect of the story that I have been wanting but just having that one thing is not enough.

1. Empress [chapter 1 and that was enough]- I was so excited because this book has Chinese royalty. It has a figure who is the first and only Chinese female ruler. She is a questionable  figure who has done many bad things to get to where she wanted to be. That would have been enough however, I am too sick of authors thinking lyrical and overly using description makes your book deep. I can sometimes hardly follow what is even going on in a chapter. Of course there is not going to be any investment from me because the story is too busy being lyrical and deep to actually tell an interesting story. It jumped around from event to event which is probably one of the most annoying devices authors use. Then I reached a point were I was waiting for the chapter to end. If that is not a sign that you are not into a book nothing else is.

2. The Good Earth [75 pages or 8 chapters]- I was so excited because the book did not seem racist ( my dealings with other books and seeing the preview for the movie made me anxious). The characters were interesting and seemed to be what I would want in a book. They had distinct personalities and I chuckled a bit at first. Then the jumping around started. Major events would happen in a page or sentence. I began to feel that something was missing. I came to the conclusion that many things were missing. Among those things is the lack of conflict or action.  I just want more action and something that excites me. I feel that this book is actually not that bad. I could functionally sit and finish The Good Earth. I won’t because I am getting the feeling that this book will make me angry later. I see all these problems that are small right now but later on become unbearable. I just don’t feel that the story or characters have me enough at 19%. The characters seemed like they were round at first until I realized the side I see is the only side I am going to see. I am a Charles Dickens and overall the classics type of characterization. That is the main reason I like A Game of Thrones because all the characters have personalities and evolution in themselves as characters. I got bothered that many characters got put to the back to when they could have went into these characters. Then I would find myself not wanting to read it. In contrast other books I felt compelled to read and read. Overall, I did not feel all the good doesn’t/will not out way the bad.

3.The Emperor’s Pearl [chapter 2]- The mystery was not interesting and overall I felt nothing.

4.Anne of Green Gables[ a bit of chapter 3]- I think that I have out grown children classics. I felt not all that impressed. It was also giving off Little Women vibes.


Lady Chatterly’s Lover[chapter 2]- I liked that it showed signs of feminism. I just could not get behind the story. I just felt that it was boring as far as I read it. It seemed to not go anywhere from the reviews I saw.


6. The Swiss Family Robinson [chapter 2?]- I was so pumped about the idea of a family beating the odds on a desert island. I was into the father talking about god and faith.  I’m most of the time interested in how religion is handled in books especially if it is done well. In this books case it was not done well in my opinion. The problem is that the father is yelling at his kids about stuff that doesn’t deserve moralizing. Every five minutes. Again, I am getting really completely sick of over description. Get to the story and the characters. Maybe if there was less description there could have been more action. Last year I had a bunch of rants about the lack of action in stories that are supposed to be high in action. This is a story about a deserted island so many thing could have been done. Maybe, things were done but I left after the characters had no pizzazz, the father moralizing, and the simple fact that nothing was happening. I am not finishing a book this year on hopes and promises.

7. The House of Cain [prologue and chapter 1]- Misery probably messed this book up. Misery was so amazing dealing with the horror and action. While reading this book I felt nothing towards the story overall.



The First Men in the Moon https://themollyweather.wordpress.com/2014/01/02/318first-men-in-the-moon/

All Together Dead


Even though, I did not finished most of the books on the list I think this was a win. I was able  to take 10 books off my shelf permanently. It reiterated the reasons why my reading needs to go the places it is going. I felt a great feeling reading Misery. I want to continue to feel that excitement. I felt that excitement mostly with Misery and a lot less in All Together Dead. I think I still liked All Together Dead but not as much as the earlier books in the series. The First Men in the Moon was okay overall. I am just happy to see less meh/okay finishes in my reading so far. I had already thought an awesome theme for the next couple of months. I picked most of the books too. A big event has stopped all my ideas from happening.

  I am going to be going back to the library consistently which can be seen as bad or good news. I think that it is good news for many reasons which, I will get into in my next post.


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