Previews Extravaganza

I am addicted to creating themes now if you cannot tell by now. In choosing books to get at the  library I found myself facing the problem of having too many books that I want. Going to the library is an occasion that does not happen all time (even though it happened a lot more last year than I thought). I came up with the idea of having a previewing most if not all of the books I plan to get at the library. I kind of wish I would have done this before reserving some of the books I did at the library.

It might seem frivolous  going to the library in my last year of my two-year plan to read all the books I own (leaving 80). I think that it is not all that bad because I found so much joy in the books I got from the library last year. I also have major holes in the books I own.

I lack:

  • Diversity
  • Genres: adult fantasy, mystery, horror
  • Comics/graphic novels

I just overall feel that the books I own are constricted and going to the library feels that void. I reserved some books that I only have the second or so series to so that balances things out. Also, a time will come like it always does when I cannot go to the library. I need to enjoy the library while I can go regularly.


These are the books I already reserved at the library.



I am going to preview these (except The Walking Dead because I have prior history to make me think volume will be good too). I am also going to be previewing some other books from the library and maybe some off of my personal shelves.  I am supposed to only be getting 8-10 books from the library. So I have to narrow the books down to 9 at least leaving me room to get a random book. I also want to weed out books that are not good to save me from wasting time on bad books.


6587879 Horns- I’m actually surprised this is still at the library with the movie coming out. I need to get it before it becomes unavailable at the library.


I will probably add more books or read fewer books.  I honestly do not know how this will go. [All images are from goodreads]


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I like to read, a lot.

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