There is still not a gisaeng

Be prepared this is going to basically be a rehash of last years wish list because the reading atmosphere has not changed.

I have been sprinkling little rants here and there to come the basic fact that I am sick. I am tired. NO MORE. The lack of diversity and variety is killing my reading.

1. Diversity in historical fiction

Okay, now that medievalpoc exists can we stop the lame excuses of not including different races in historical fiction. The lack of diversity in historical fiction has basically killed my enjoyment of historical fiction. If I have to see another story of the Tudors or any other England house when I cannot see barely one story of ancient Korea

2. Diversity in fiction in general but especially in the considered action genres such as fantasy

Most books with different race characters seem to be exclusively written in literature type of books which, is not bad. I just want to  see people of color in books with action and adventure more right now.

3. Unique supernatural creatures

I do not want to see vampire, werewolves, fairies, witches, mermaids, or any other supernatural creature that is getting played like a funky piano. I am bored already of your book please, please, please write a supernatural creature that has never been used before. Oh, yeah do not put an already used supernatural creature and just give it a new name.

 That is so lazy!

4. Unique fantasy Worlds

Why does every fantasy novel have to be about a kingdom? Does it make sense for a world that involves magic to have the people with all the magic not in power? I am just plainly getting bored with fantasy worlds that are just the same as the last one.

5. Asian dramas as books

There are many great things about Asian dramas such as the romance. They build the romance which I wish so much that authors would do.  The comedy is done so well in most Asian dramas.

6.  Sibling/ Family relationships

That are not incestuous and really actually goes into the dynamics of the relationship.

7. Controversial topics that get dealt with adequately

If you are just going to deal with such topics as feminism as black and white just do not even do it. Feminism is not all men are bad.

8. Romani culture

I would like to see more fictional books dealing with this really interesting culture.

9.  Variety in the historical places historical fiction is set in.

It would be awesome to see a new setting  such as Korea or the Philippines.

10. Dimensional characters.

I am tired of the stereotypical characters who are nice girl/boy or bad boy/girl.  Every one on this planet has different experiences that cause them to be who they are today. To dumb characters down to do whatever is really boring and lazy.

I have so many more topics for books I want to put but that is ten.

Now, authors handle it.  do not want to come back next year saying the same things!!


Author: themollyweather

I like to read, a lot.

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