Library Checkout Reviews {9}-{10}

I have been going to the library left and right so I have a lot.

American Psycho -not interesting. – I don’t want to wade through 100+ pages or so of  boring to get to something

Instruments of Darkness (Crowther and Westerman, #1)– jumps around -mystery is boring

I don’t feel anything…

Critique of Criminal Reason (Hanno Stiffeniis, #1) + I read a bit of the first chapter and the character seemed to have a personality

comments: what is it with these mystery authors creating boring mystery. I only read one chapter and that was enough for me to say eh.

Crazy Rich Asians Expectation: I expected it to be Asian drama show like or at least to have three-dimensional characters who are rich and a book on their life style. Even if it was not exactly all those things I expected to just like it.

Pros: + deals with rich Asian characters +Asian culture

Cons: one-dimensional characters, I feel nothing and care about nothing

The Icarus GirlExpectation: a heavy fantasy novel that deals with something other than the typical mythology. I heard that it does deal with Nigerian mythology but I didn’t get that far to see it for myself.

Pros: +biracial girl, deals with culture shock, chapters are short and easy to read, Nigerian culture

Cons: -little girl is a little spoiled, seems to JUST deal with biracial and little girl problems, where is the fantasy stuff

Comments: I overall was not feeling were the story was or where it was going. I think in light of my dnfing of Annie of Green Gables and The Icarus Girl, I think I officially am going to stop reading books with or dealing with children too. Last year it was teen books now it has to be books with children books.

Fairest vol. 1: Wide Awake

-I just read a couple of pages and did not feel I would like it.

The Mermaid Saga volume 1

-I just didn’t care

Oscar Wild and A Death of No Importance

-I don’t care about the characters or story, don’t care about mystery, i find it hard to believe Oscar Wilde is more clever than Conan Doyle

A Once Crowded Sky

–  annoying woman character who gets mad after someone saves them (I cannot do the angry woman who is irrationally angry thing again), I didn’t feel anything towards story or characters, why is everyone so mad

+ graphic novel part in the book

Mists of Avalon


  •  I am not as angry about the feminist label on this book because I’m assuming that people put this label on the book. Also, this did come out in the 80s so just putting women in a fantasy novel I’m assuming was enough to be considered progressive. Coming from a present day stand point she didn’t do a good job with the feminism. It is not enough to say that women are getting treated wrongly. Then you counteract that message with the main character listening to someone tell her to go against everything she believes to live the life she doesn’t want. I know that I probably excuse these issues because of the time period that this is supposed to be written. But Mists of Avalon  is a fantasy novel. I know it is based on the Arthurian lore so it has a basic script to follow. Nonetheless, I dumped this book just like I dnfed the historical fiction book on Mozart’s sister. I didn’t sign up to see women having a great amazing plan just to end up being everything they didn’t want. Why would I want to read a fantasy novel that can change things but just goes with the flow?  It is epic fail when an author who came out in the 1800s, Jane Eyre, can take care of more business than a novel from the 80s.
  • I couldn’t figure out how I felt about this book. Then, I realized I don’t care about anything. The character, story, politics, religion, or just every element of this book I don’t care about them. I could just walk away and not feel anything. I just read the book as far as I did in the hopes it would get better and the romance was kind of interesting.



Pro/Con/ I mostly did not care:

-/+ Christianity vs whatever religion main character believed in, politics


The Saga of the Bloody Benders 

The only book I really liked out of all the books I got from the library

Recommended for people who like: horror, mystery, true crime, historical mysteries

Justice League of America, Vol. 2: The Lightning Saga

The Lightning Saga

+The first two chapters were really good. It had all these different justice league characters which, made me excited to learn about them and their powers. The adventure at the beginning of the story was really interesting.

-The third chapter is when the story went down. It went down as soon as I started chapter 3. At this point I felt that my lack of knowledge about the Justice League and all the characters back stories killed my enjoyment. The story got really confusing. I got bored because I did not know what was going on and what was going on was not that interesting anyway. Then the conclusion came and I didn’t know what really happened. The after stories were eh.



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