January Reading 2014

I highlighted all the books from my personal shelf.

This is all the library books I finished this month: https://themollyweather.wordpress.com/2014/02/01/library-checkout-reviews-9-10/

Currently Reading/Finished books I do not own

  1. The Lightning Saga Finished
  2. The Bloody Benders Finished
  3. The Walking Dead vol. 2
  4. Wonder Woman Odyssey, vol. 1
  5. Bad Girls


  1. Annie of Green Gables
  2. Lady Chatterley’s Lover
  3. The House of Caine
  4. The Swiss Family Robinson
  5. Empress
  6. The Emperor’s Pearl
  7. The Good Earth
  8. Bleak House- I did a rant about the entire experience.  https://themollyweather.wordpress.com/2014/02/04/bleak-house-readalong-i-xi-dnf/
  9. Oscar Wilde and a Death of No Importance
  10. Mermaid Saga volume 1
  11. A Beautiful Blue Death
  12. Horns
  13. Instruments of Darkness
  14. American Psycho
  15. The Icarus Girl
  16. Crazy Rich Asians
  17. Critique of Criminal Reasoning
  18. A Once Crowded Sky
  19. Mists of Avalon

I think Misery ruined my reading with its getting to the good stuff right away. All these other books seem to be meandering around. I want to care. I don’t want to have millions of reasons to dnf books. But It is easy to dnf books when you are bored/not invested. I got despaired and  a bit  saddened with just the sheer amount of books I have been dumping in January, the first month of the year. I have to keep remembering that this is me. I dnf books on this level almost every month. It just gets wearing at times having to be disappointed again and again. I thought this year I would make better book choices that I could avoid dnfing as many books.

My ratio  of 4 dnfs for every 1 finished book is still a thing.


  1. First Men in the Moon- not H.G. Wells best.
  2. Misery- horror why did I not get more into you sooner?
  3. All Together Dead- not the best in the series.

Previews Extravaganza https://themollyweather.wordpress.com/2014/01/15/previews-extravaganza/

I reviewed all the books in my library checkout.

I did not mention Horns and Dune which, I dnf. I did not feel like getting Things Fall Apart and Who Fears Death because they both do not appeal to me right now. Books are boring me right now. I just want a good  fantasy/horror/mystery novel that is unique and written well.


  • Do you regret reading books? I was thinking about this recently when I was drafting a post about the worst books I read in 2013. The specific book was Gone with the Wind. As much pain and suffering I went through I do not regret Gone with the Wind. I feel that out of every worst book I read this year I regret none of them. I feel that I get something out of every book I read. Even if it is a simple I need to stop reading x genre.
  • Booktube Problems. I have been seeing a lot of videos on the problems that are prevalent in the booktube community. I may not agree with everything some people are saying but I support the community getting more critical and getting out of its bubble. I have been a part of the community (just watching) for many years so I have many things that bother me about the community. I think the biggest thing is this idea that anything critical is mean. The entire thing that happened a couple of years or so ago about book bashing. It bothered me that people feel that giving a rant or saying anything slightly negative is mean. I’m really enjoying videos such as https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLxovtFYo3E  and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r8ewGKWM1h8 who both sum up my overall criticism of the community. I think That both of these videos are also are things that I had to realize as a reader being apart of the book community.
  • You Cannot have x thing in a book and think that is enough. For example I have recently been reading books with diversity in them. I have been dnfed all the books with diversity in them. My brother asked me why I have been doing that. Just having diversity or something I want is not enough to make a book great. It has to have all these other elements to make me finish all the way to the end. To assume that I have to finish or enjoy every book that has diversity is giving a pat to authors who do stereotypes or who just put one thing for points. It lumps the authors who do the bare minimum a pat on the back. It is nothing to just have a non-default character. It is amazing to have a dimensional, interesting, non-stereotype different race character who is not just there for points.
  • Lack of Creativity: It depresses me that the problem that plagued me last year is rearing its head again this year, the lack of creative fantasy books. I even would settle non-creative if it could only be interesting. It defeats the purpose being a fantasy novel if the only thing you are going to do is focus on kingdom stuff. I got so dejected that I started brainstorming a fantasy novel. The thing is that I do not want to be a writer. I want authors to be creative enough so that I don’t feel that I have to write to get all the imagination out. What I’m reading right now bores me.

My Books Left to Read Status: I am at 124 books all together including the 80 desert island books.  On the subject of my 80 desert island books I might lower the number to 50. In light of my experience in this month I don’t want to leave room for duds. If it is not a classic or an author I like, it is not going on the list. I dnfed about the same amount I usually do in a month. I thought how is it that some people can know if a book can work for them while I can’t. I am questioning if it is okay to still be dnfing books at this amount even when I changed my reading focus.  It really bothers me that I still have not gotten a good creative fantasy and mystery novel. I want to have more enjoyable reading but where do I go to get interesting novels? The only genre that seems to be doing anything special is horror.

Plans for February

  1. Ask myself while picking a book does this really sound good? What is this about?
  2. I think I need to get into non-fiction. I am going to start with my brothers books he is getting for class on women in royalty. No, it is not going to be exclusively England royalty so I hopefully will not be ranting.
  3. Reading less novels for a bit which, sucks in the point that I won’t probably be finishing any books I own in February. I just am not feeling novels right now.

(I can already say since I am posting this a couple of days into February is a better month so far. )


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