Bookhauls 2/14/14

I got  fewer books  overall towards my library and  book buying.



Most of these are for one of my brothers classes.

6617796  This was originally for his class but it didn’t fit the time period parameters so he won’t be able to read it. I actually already started this and it amazing, I hope that I am not writing this too soon.

771085 I couldn’t find  Incident in the Life of a Slave Girl but I saw this. I decided to get it because I don’t want to miss out on this book next time I go to the library.


  I really love Cleopatra the Great’s cover.


Graphic Novels/ Manga

12696989 I am going to be honest and state that I don’t know if I will like this book.

13228436 for my brother. I already read this last year, it was really good.

I keep accidentally getting the sequels to books…

17137627 I’m going to read this one anyway then get the first one later.

6344843 I can’t read this one though. I read the synopsis (female captain) and thought of Captain Janeway from off of Star Trek. A female captain and the just extreme want for a good science fiction novel sold this book to me. I really want this  other book called The Martian by Andy Weir but it is not at the library.

I want some good science fiction and fantasy books so bad it is sad.

So all together I am going to read 4 of these books. I might read some of the other non-fiction books.



First Impression (foreword): I already started this and it is okay so far. I think it is good enough to continue, there are promising things here. The ending of the foreword and the science fiction elements so far didn’t get me. I feel that the build up was cool. I honestly do think it is a book worth continuing. I had a plan to do a theme called Go Epic or Go Home: 40 Days and 40 Nights, it is me reading The Otherland and The Stand. I want to read The Otherland right now while it is still new and has that immediate want to read factor.  I have to see how much I like this book and how much time I have. I really want to scale back with the amount of books I am reading at one time.  The Last Empress is big so I want to be able to devote enough time to finishing it before it is due at the library.

17187859 I already have all of his short stories and 2 of his books. The excellent thing is if I finish this book I can get move 3 books off of my books left to read shelf. I already read The Hound of Baskervilles and The Sign of Four so I have a lot more books of his to read.

(all covers are from goodreads)


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