Library Checkout Reviews {11}

I haven’t been doing any library book hauls because I have been going almost every week now.



Bad Girls

-average teens


Wonder Woman: Odyssey vol. 1

Comments: I can’t figure out if I don’t like Wonder Woman or the way that authors are writing her. I just couldn’t get excited about this one.

I just was not feeling any of these.

I’m starting to think that the older the comic the less interested I seem to be. I may have also over did things with the superheroes.


The Flash of Two Worlds


Yellow Rose of Texas The Myth of Emily Morgan


Dead Robin

I did not realize this was the 5th book in the series. It doesn’t matter because I couldn’t sum up interest to read through this book.


Batman Chronicles



The Incredibles

+action right away, fun

-the portrayal of the women in this book

[Possible Spoilers]Comments: It bothered me that most girls storyline is pushing them to be in a relationship. I know that was were the daughter was in the movie but it still bugs me a bit. It makes me feel that writers don’t know how to write teen girls so they just input the romance storyline. My problem with the mom is that she couldn’t run the team by herself even though she was a superhero before working with her husband. It is like she cannot come up with basic superhero saving strategies without her husband being around. Another scene in the book that bothered me is when a bus is stuck on a cliff and she  is catty to a police officer. I did enjoy the book but am annoyed with the way that women are portrayed in books.


Walking Dead vol. 2

+realistic, moral issues

20561902African American Classics

+the artwork

-most of the stories were eh/not good, perpetuates  stereotypes a bit, none of the stories had an impact, emotionally didn’t catch me


Astro City: The Dark Age Book One: Brothers & Other Strangers

+brothers relationship, showcases a world that superheroes are a common place, shows the conflicts that could come with superheroes being a common place, even though the characters are African-American it is not about race, in the point of view of non-heroes

(all images are via goodreads)


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