How to DNF Books Like a Boss

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There are so many excuses out there: reading slumps, mood, etc. that can be used for why a book is not working for you. There does come a time when you need to admit


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If anyone ever wants to ask me why I dump so many books this is why. I have no time for it. It being all the excuses and reasoning to keep on with a bad/eh book. I have continued with too many books that do not have a rainbow at the end. There is no magical  moment that makes everything feel worth it.

How to DNF and Not Feel Guilty About It

  1. Look up 1 star or negative reviews of the said book  right after  or when you are contemplating dnfing it. Most of the time someone will feel the exact same way you do, so you are not alone.
  2. Don’t Spend too much time looking up reviews.
  3. Once you are done looking up reviews, move on to something else and don’t look back.
  4. Think about how awful the book is, then think about all the amazing things you could be reading.  You could be reading one of your favorite author or the million of other books on your tbr.
  5. Never think that there is not another book out there that can feel the potential that x book did not.
  6. You do not owe an author anything. Your time is precious.
  7. You can always comeback to the book if you care about it enough later.
  8. Remember, your reading experience is about you not anyone else. So if it is not for school or some other requirement let it go.

Let it go


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