Bookhaul 2/28/14

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Testing him as an author out now: Henry James. I’m in the middle of reading The Portrait of a Lady which, is really good. I’m surprised by how much it is because I have been putting dnf on classic books lately. A lot of them feel like just the same English aristocrat setting.

Tested him a bit on this book but willing to give another translation a try: Cervantes. I really am hoping that a different translation will make this book be good. I really want to get into classics from different places other than England or America.

Going to test him as an author out later: James Fenimore Copper. I think this book is going to be racist. I will honestly be sort of surprised if this book actually does justice to anything. Trying to set my expectations low even though that cannot save a bad book.

Charles Dickens

Even though, I dnf Bleak House last month I still believe he is good. In result of me actually reading through authors I like I have learned a few things: authors have really bad books and have flaws in their writing. So I am getting this hoping that this will be good, it has no women in it for him to make lame so that is a start.

John Steinbeck

He is a case just like Stephen King, I had a ton of his books that I got rid of one day. So now I have to book his books all over again.

Stephen King

I got these even though Stephen King has made me mad recently with his book The Stand. I’m still in the middle of The Stand so these are going on the back burner with all my other Stephen King books.

Graphic Novels

Since I basically do not have a point of reference on what is good in terms of comics I picked comics based on a pretty simple system. This system is actually a system that I am finding myself using with generally every genre/category I am reading in.
This Looks Good, Diversity, and Women Doing Things other than being a victim for a hero to save

I will not show all the comics I bought because I bought a lot. The comics are by issue not volume so they are not on goodreads for me to copy and paste so I would have to manually look for each cover.

(all covers are via goodreads)


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