March TBR: Virago & Whales


1. Moby Dick

Reading this for one of my goodreads groups. I read a bit of this last year so hopefully I can finally finish this book.


2. Portrait of a Lady

I’m reading this too for one of my goodreads groups. This being  picked as a group read of the one month came at a good time, womens history month. I’m trying so hard not to put all my good portrayal of women hopes in this book. I hope that this book can show women a lot better than I have been seeing. I really need it.


3. From Dead to Worse

The next installment in my plan to read all the Sookie Stackhouse books that I own. I have small hope in this book, the last book was not the best. I want Sookie and the series to be awesome again. *sigh*

Alternates: Women and one little girl

This is if I finish my other books early. I probably will not because the library exists.

I picked these books on the basis of seeing diversity and variety in women.


4. The Red Queen

I have this book on my radar since this is the only Korean historical fiction book I have. I have zero faith in this getting the right treatment it deserves, so I keep pushing it back.

Women: in ancient Korea court life, motherhood, and  being a wife


5. The Book of Negroes

I don’t exactly like the cover so whenever I finish this book I may envision a new cover for it. What caught my attention about this books is that the main character will be travel to different countries as a African woman.

Women: immigrate, motherhood, slavery


6.  Brick Lane

All I know is that it is about a woman dealing with moving to London for a arranged marriage.

Women: arranged marriages, motherhood, London, India, immigrate


7. Candles Burning

What makes this book different is that it is horror and has a little girl instead of a woman as a main character. This book is about the little girls father who was murdered, tortured, and dismembered by two women for no apparent reason. The girl and her mother move into this house and stuff happens.

Girl: being in a horror setting


8. Savages

“The children of the rich never expect anything terrible to happen to them”

This books has one of the best first sentences. Savages is about a group of rich women who are on a business trip that goes wrong. They end up having to be in survival mode on this island.

Women: survival mode


9. We Need to Talk About Kevin

The main character is the mother of a boy who shot 7 people in a school shooting. I think this book will go heavily into motherhood. I would like to see that because being a mother among everything else a woman does is dissected and critiqued to death. I hope that it is well done.

Women: motherhood, school shooting


10. Night Sins

It is about a boy who goes missing, the only thing left at the scene is a taunting note. The main character is a investigator on her first case. This is the first book I started reading in March so I probably most likely finish this book in this month.

Women: investigators, romance?


11. The Red Tent

It is about Dinah and other women from the bible.

Women: from the bible


12. Medea and other Plays

[Medea, Hippolytus, Electra, Helen]

I don’t know that much about these stories. I don’t want to look anything up because I’m afraid of spoilers. Okay, I researched a little bit nonspecifically, just greek tragedies overall, and it was mentioned that women do not get the best treatment.


13. The XX Factory: How the Rise of Working Women Has Created a Far Less Equal World

It is non-fiction about women in the workplace. I don’t honestly know if I will like this book. I have been avoiding because it is non-fiction and seems like it will be something that I don’t want to hear. I need to read this book soon because I won it in a giveaway.

Mini-rant: I hope these books are good because recently it has become so apparent that women are not given the best treatment character wise. If I am not opening a big can of women get raped just to fill this plot point, I am getting a pot of women only exist to be a prop for men.

I hope so much that these books can go above and beyond. (all images are via goodreads)


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