Bookhaul 3/6/14


9951275093948238948240 both of these books are in one volume bind up.

I also bought more comics in a sealed thingy you could only see the comics in the front and back. My brother saw Deadpool so we got it for that mostly. I opened it today and it did not visually seem like the best lot. My last comic haul was seemingly better (a whole lot more diversity, women, and cool looking covers…). I have to read the comics to really judge which one is better.


I was supposed to only get Attack on Titan in response to the calming down of reading so many books but the books I am currently reading are not exciting me. I want action, adventure, and to just be excited about what I am reading. I thought you need fantasy books in your reading life.

131541501353156113536803157981661607186417262714 I actually read the first chapter of this book in a preview called Unreal last year. Recently, my brother and I watched the first season in two days because it is so good. Since my brother was into the series I couldn’t just get 1-2 of the books. The only thing that stopped me from getting further into the series before is that it is not finished.



March This is my random book of this library haul so I hope it is good.

The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms I got this for my brother because he wanted to read it. I checked this out from the e-book library last year and did not like it.

Fantasy+ 1 Romance

93598181210937268428 17331377

I have not done my February reading wrap up so I have not announced the sort of big news of the year, I have made a reconciliation with the romance/ chick-lit genre. So be prepared to see more books from these genres.


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