316: All Together Dead (Sookie Stackhouse #7) Spoilers


[Disclaimer: SPOILERS]



Betrayed by her longtime vampire love, Louisiana cocktail waitress Sookie Stackhouse must now not only deal with a possible new man in her life-the oh-so-handsome shapeshifter Quinn-but also contend with a long-planned vampire summit. With her power base weakened by hurricane damage to New Orleans, the local vampire queen is vulnerable to those hungry for a takeover. Soon, Sookie must decide what side she’ll stand with. And her choice may mean the difference between survival and all-out catastrophe.

The Bad

  • I did not know who most of the characters were so I didn’t care about them.
  • Everything felt undercooked and last-minute.  Sookie brings up that Quinn killed someone (Andre?)  at a later time. The problem is that I the reader was witness to when this event actually was supposed to have happened, it was not mentioned. Now that we are on Andre why did he need to die? All he did was make Sookie drink Eric’s blood. I guess the control he basically had over her made him get killed off.
  • Why does it seem that everyone has a problem with Sookie?
  • Why does it feel like nothing really happened for the first hundred or so pages?
  • Now that we are talking about the first hundred pages why did Sookie have a chip on her shoulder for majority of it? I don’t know if I missed something from the last book or what.
  • Most of the pieces in the overall puzzle I could careless about. I do not care about the Queen or almost all of the vampires.
  • When did we stop introducing new unique supernatural creatures?
  • Kind of predictable. Gosh, this suitcase no one knows about is not going to turn into something.
  • Dumbing down Sookie.

The Good

  • Although, I didn’t like how the pieces came together. I can see one of the pieces, the conflict between vampires and the fellowship of the sun coming back to the forefront as real potential.
  • Once I got back into the book I actually thought it was okay.
  • The vampires are allowed to keep up their viciousness and not watered down to make people like them.
  • There is some humor in it that made me laugh

The Meh

  • Characters ( mostly Eric) who I actually like seemed blah to me.
  • Quinn’s relationship with Sookie feels like a place holder until the Eric or Bill ship sails again. Quinn is not that interesting of a love interest because he does not feel as developed as all the other men circling Sookies orbit. Most of those men at this point have done some foul things so their ships have pretty much sailed off to never return. Out of all the men that Sookie has been a possible love interest Quinn has gotten the least development. It really makes me not care about him. I do not feel the chemistry between them.
  • Now that we are talking about Sookie’s love life, it bothers me that she is going from man to man. New men get introduced into the story to be her love interest but fade into the background.

Comments: My reading tastes have changed so much since the last time I picked up the Sookie Stackhouse series. I cannot figure out if I am a lot more conscious of books problems or the series has went down a bit in the writing department. I think a bit of both honestly.


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