Bookhaul 3/20/14

I didn’t really get books from the library this visit. I am weary of the entire experience of  trying so hard to get certain things I want so basically I went into the library not knowing what I wanted. I had this big plan of picking up  random books that caught my eye at the library. When I got to the library I picked up novels but I felt that I didn’t have the energy to actually read these books.  I’m going to go more into this feeling in my March wrap up.

My brother books


He checked out more books on Egyptian queens for his paper. He also finally got Gotham City Sirens which, he is enjoying immensely right now.

Books that are for both of us

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A Game of Thrones: I found this book and as you know I am into the A Song of Ice and Fire series so this was a yes. It might be good for my brother also to get him into the series beyond the show. It is also a potential gateway into the novels.

Chew: My brother is already into this series so we are both going to read this.

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I don’t know if I will enjoy these two books.


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