Library Checkout Reviews{12}-{13}


I wish I liked you. I knew that you were not the one but the shelf checkout machine checked you out while I was trying to put you back.
I kind of knew from the first sentence. Everyone seemed to be impressed by the ash falling from the sky while I shrugged. Nothing was catching me. I pushed myself though to at least finish the preview I downloaded. I couldn’t go further than 2 chapters. So I looked up this amazing magic system to see if that would get me, did not impress me. Overall, the characters and story have no pizzazz.

DNF:I just don’t care edition

You want to be gritty and dark so hard. So you create these characters who have tragic pasts and a setting that is dreary. Sadly, at the end of the day I just want to get some feeling/interest from anything in your world. It is not a choice I enjoyed throwing me straight into the world without explanation. I couldn’t even finish the first chapter because it was a done deal, no.

12109372 Elizabeth Bear has so much diversity going on in her books. That is what made me pick this book up.  I just don’t care because as soon as the story opens lyricalness slaps me in the face. I would take away all the lyricalness just to care.

The moral of the story is all the diversity and creativity die with blah writing. Fantasy, I want so much to open a book and like it. I want to rave about how creative, diverse, and mind-blowing you are. But, you are not. You are making me question you. The want and potential for so many things in you is there but the output is lacking. I guess this is the time I will let you sit on a shelf while I explore other genres that are taking care business now.

12696989 my instincts told me that I wouldn’t like this book and they were not wrong. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I didn’t like it, more like I felt indifferent/eh towards it.

I will comeback maybe…


I will say that it was mildly interesting.

6617796  It’s long and the pressure to read  so much just to finish it before the due date made me put this down. Also, I think my interest waned.

771085 I just didn’t feel like reading this book.

17137627 my brother reserved the first one so I decided to just take this one back.




Cons: I like the anime better. I just feel that the manga series in the earlier goes so fast from point to point that there isn’t time to feel attachment to things. The anime takes the time to let the viewer get emotionally attached to characters and digest the setting.

Pros: Once I got further into the series the manga series got better. +The story slows down a bit and takes the time to let the reader feel attachment. +Major clues are dropped into the manga series that are not in the anime. Some of the clues are early on in the manga series. +The story moves faster than the anime because most of the filler in the anime is not present in the manga series.


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