Library Haul 3/29/14

So I went back to the library earlier than I planned because two of my brother books for his paper were due. I of course even though I still had a bit of that not knowing what book to get because most novels from the library disappointment got a couple of books.

My library hauls have not been as big as they used to be then again I do have 4 or 5 books that I still need to read in addition to these books.

Graphic Novels

I rechecked out Astro City: The Dark Age volume 1 for my brother.


I wanted x but ended getting y…

I have been sampling a lot of books lately. I probably should read the books I own but I can’t get myself to be excited about any of them right now except A Clash of Kings. Anyway, I sampled a couple of blah/eh/no books. Then I read  a few really good books. I wanted those books from the library but they are hot right now so they are going to be checked out for a while.

I wanted 18007564   but got  77507

I wanted 127455 but got 61580991137215, and 18423

The Left Hand of Darkness: I have no idea if reading this book out-of-order will be a problem but the author and other people said it is okay so I’m doing it. I’m trying go into this book without having a negative opinion of it but for some reason I do not think I will like this book. I guess if we are getting into it I don’t know if I will like any of these books. I did pick all of them up on a whim.

( all book covers are from goodreads)


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I like to read, a lot.

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