February& March:Previews/Freebies

I made separate post for my previews because I reviewed a lot of books these couple of Months. I attribute this to me remembering that free books exist and getting back into the romance genre.

Romance/New Adult

I never thought in a million years after all the things I said about romance books that I would be coming back to it. I will admit that I wrote new adult off because of my dissatisfaction with young adult books. New adult so far in my opinion has more in common with the romance/chick-lit genres.

* Most of these books are full free books on nook, kindle, or kobo.

* Most of these books have adult content so fare warning

18188247[ This is a free full book on amazon.] DNF

-The bit I read was a hot mess. For one thing the relationship the lead girl had with her ex-fiancé seemed unrealistic and just a set up for plot stuff, like most fictional relationships most of the time honestly.The real problem is the lead girls friendship with her friend, it was not a good addition to the book.


I skipped all  of the other previews so this is the only one I read in it’s entirety.

  •  Almost Matched- it has some trying to be funny but comes out silly moments. I do think it has potential in the relationship though.

16217468 [full free book on amazon] DNF

– I let this one go because it suffers from the entire tall, dark and colorful eyes stereotype. Of course this guy never dates anyone from the job but is interested in the main character. The main character was blah too.

17172215 [2 chapters preview] I thought this book actually has a cool premise. This book has some issues one of them being that the author has random situations happen that are supposed to be funny but they are not. I know that I am a person who doesn’t give her laughs for free but this is not funny. Some of the scenes were done right silly and actually gross when I had to explain it to my brother. I most likely will not continue with this book. I’m kind of on the fence because I wanted to see if the lead guys personality and their chemistry as a couple is interesting.  Continue?

16387676 DNF

[this is a full free ebook on amazon]

-I felt that the racial stuff was misplaced and a bit racist. It didn’t feel realistic. The romance didn’t have chemistry. It probably is in result of the lead guy being  a basic dude.  The main character felt off and I didn’t connect with her. She seemed towards the beginning to be going somewhere towards realism and interesting but she got off when she met the  basic dude.

18486700 [free ebook on amazon] It is not even a argument this is the best book of all the free books I read. I really liked the relationship between the two main characters. I like the premise of the waking up married trope and how it was handled. This book is overall good. The only problem is the book is split into parts that you have to pay for each one. I am on the fence about buying the rest of the series. Continue?


I did not read the rest of the books in the sampler

  • What Happens in Scotland – I like it so far. After reading One Wild Night this was a book I welcomed it has the waking up married trope too.   Continue?

15765257 Finished

I like that there was sexual tension between the lead couple ( a lot of authors give their characters no chemistry or rely on sex to try to put chemistry).  I wish that the story was longer so I could see more of the relationship develop though. The lead guy was interesting because he had aspirations  and dimensions. The leading lady had a job that is not apart of the chick-lit/romance authors career checklist so that was exciting.

15829046 This suffers from most of the problems of Cracked, not being long enough for many things to have impact. I wish that their relationship was developed a lot more. I wish that this story had more content and that I could have seen more into these characters lives.

17184074 This is supposed to be the chick-lit novel for people who are into Korean dramas. This book had some heavy fat shaming and awkward comments on the main characters appearance. Then the chemistry between the two lead was not there. It did not help that when the main character described the lead to look like Kim Kang Woo, I was like eh. I guess in a way I think that she should have just described him physically then I could have used my imagination. Now that I am thinking about it she probably described someone specific to avoid having to describe him.  I think that the references to Korean dramas was supposed to excite me but they did not. If the overall story was better the references could have really done something. Overall, this story could have been better.  DNF

Designer Sex

This does not have a cover. This book is basically what Wallbanger is about and there is more stuff I will not get into. I don’t want to spoil the story for anyone. My main complaint is that the story is too short so there was not room to develop the main characters and the romance. Finished

Coming Back to the Genre

Coming back to the romance genre is fun while at the same time indescribable. Romance as a genre has not changed in a positive and negative way. The negative is that the stereotypically attractive man and woman are still used.  Every book except maybe one did not have a tall black haired colorful eyes romantic lead.  I can totally see this becoming a problem later.  The positives is that I can come back and experience all the parts that made me read the genre: the romance, comedy, romantic tension, etc. Looking at my reaction to coming back to it, I sincerely did miss the genre.


Young Adult Books

In my entire reconciliation with the romance/chick-lit genre I started thinking about sampling some ya. If you remember I renounced both of these at the same time last year. I think that the rant that I did there still stands completely for ya. It is essentially why I did not enjoy any of these books I tried in this category.

I guess I went into this thinking maybe I could get a fantasy or science fiction that is good and not complicated. Not trying to demean ya.  I have found adult science fiction to be very confusing and complicated among other things.

11366397 I knew I wouldn’t like this but pushed myself to read this because it was in a sampler with Let The Sky Fall and Two-Way Street. The reason for the dystopian world is illogical. It feels like ya author are just looking for issues in our societies without really looking at logical ways we would fix them. I think the wooden basic writing did it in for me too.

13138635 The characters voices sounded generic. The romance hit me over the head right away, once I start smelling ya romance unless the story is boss to make me stay, I leave. Someone in a review said before I even read the book that the romance would take over not the sci-fi elements. In just reading 2 chapters I could see that.

13445306 I think that chapters 1 and 2 were good but once it went beyond there it started to show signs of things that would irritate me. One of those things is characters thinking they are funny when they are not. Also, the plot forcing romance and the magic turning into a ya hot mess.

Not So Bad May Continues…


I think this has the potential to be a hot mess too but I thought it was interesting as far as I read it. I think part of it is because the characters are at the same place I am in my life.

Funny Breakup Ecard: I don't miss you. I just sometimes think I miss the person you pretended to be.I in all honesty don’t miss the genre at all. I just needed to make a detour and check to see if I am missing anything, nope I am good. I am at the exact same place with ya that I was last year.  I don’t believe that ya (or at least the ones I have read) show a experience that I had as a teen. I can say the same thing for adult books honestly. In addition they create these  generic characters who have the same voice.  Saying all that I do want to read the new Dorothy Must Die book.


i375802I think this has potential with the children and the hints of bigger issues that it would deal with. I decided to stop reading it because the sexist things that were said a couple of chapters into the book. It was a couple of throwaway lines but if this is something I am seeing early on in the book I need to leave before it become a huge problem. Also, I happened upon some racist stuff that are supposed to be in the book too. Discontinue

8935689 I started this wanting to give sci-fi  a fare shake before completely dismissing it. This book was confusing. If you don’t know confusion does not make interest. I just left this book not feeling it. Discontinue

18007564 I finally sampled this and it seems like something I should continue. I like that everything is not confusing and boring. I did see some moments of obnoxiousness but it was not a major issue. Continue


I like it. This is what I want from a novel, interesting characters. I have not gotten to the fantasy yet, but I like where this story is right now. Continue

(images all via goodreads)


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