Library Checkout Reviews {14}

Before I get into this review I need to talk about a sickness I got while reading these books: eye rolling. I just have been finding myself eye rolling so much.  Anyway, I talked about how fantasy (and many other genres) are big fat disappointments so far and how I decided to not read anymore. These books and many other books are the reason that I decided to let the genre go for a while.

 Did Not Finish

I Do Not Care….

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I eye rolled my eyes so much with these books.

Boneshaker: I got turned off when the story started off the way it did. I should care what is going on in the world, not about x characters family. I know that they have basis in why the dysotpia is the way it is but I just did not care.  When the reason that the post-apocalyptic world was the way it is was introduced I was not impressed.

Left Hand of Darkness/ Prospero: I just did not like how both of these started and the stories did not seem to have potential.

I Could Not Get Into These….


I really eye rolled my eyes in through the bit I read with this one, if you read further you will understand why.

I thought by looking at the cover  and just the simple fact that this book  is science fiction that this book would be a action packed. I ran into some trouble though when the first thing that happened is instead of getting into Mars the story goes into a entire thing about politics. Then the major reason I stopped reading this book besides it not being interesting, it was racist. As soon as the book introduced the group, I groaned. I knew as soon as they introduced them that everything about them was going to be racist. Then even beyond the racist stuff the story is boring. The politics seem very dull and basic. I feel that there are not intrigue are something to the politics. I don’t know what point I started to roll my eyes but once it started I could not stop. I signed up for an interesting sci-fi story about Mars. I could take a book with politics (I read the ASOIAF series) but you have to give me interesting with the politics. I have to care, I do not care.  That is the basic premise of every book I DNF.

Sometimes I get my hopes up and wonder why I don’t read certain genres. Science fiction and fantasy needs to get their stuff together before I walk out on it just like ya. Yep, walked out on you.

Comeback to Later?



I might get these later but right now I was not into them exactly. I actually saw a picture from the future volumes of the Game of Thrones series that makes me not want to finish the graphic novel series. I will just have to see if I have the desire to continue these books later.



I like the creativity but I feel that I am not fully invested in the characters or story. I’m not into like I feel I should be. Saying all that  I could see myself getting the next book because once I got into the story I was into it.


The story is sort of creative but I just don’t exactly like the characters or story. I want to think it is because the characters are teenagers but that may not be it. I feel the same way about Saga. I probably will not get the next one in this series.


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