April: Previews & Freebies


It was okay. I don’t know, I guess miss because I would not exactly seek out more books from this series. Miss?

18690395 Escape From Wonderland

When I downloaded this book I was scared that there would be fan service because of how the artwork is. It is not just how the women are dressed but also how their skin glistens. It was not fan servicing  which is good. I think it did a good job of introducing the story even though it was short.


This one was nice. It is different from the Astro City I read this year. I sampled Astro City #1 too but I am going to get the full volume 1 from the library next week. I liked both of these because they both were interesting. Hit


Pretty average. I did not get a glimpse into who she is as a character. Seeing her personality could have made this book be more than an average assassin story. Miss


I think it is interesting seeing the little bit of interaction of the main characters culture with her being a super hero.  I cannot wait until I can find this at my local library.  Hit


I like the cover. I did not like the story that much. It felt too short and the story was not developed as it could have been because of the size. It felt like it was part of a longer story which made the reading experience not as fun. The story felt like it was repeating the same things at a certain point. Miss


There is a better cover that made me want to read this book on amazon.  This book seemed like it would be interesting because the story is set in Alaska and had a awesome looking redheaded female vampire on the cover. Unfortunately, it feel like  a lot of other paranormal romances (Sookie Stackhouse is the first that comes to mind). I recently decided to give up on that series so I do not want another series like it. Bottom line is that it does not feel like it has something that makes it rise above the Sookie Stackhouse series or urban fantasy/paranormal romance. So I decided to let this one go. Miss


I think it may have been the wrong time to read these stories.  I  do like Monster High and Ever After High, I just think that I’m too old for these. It does have elements that are interesting but I’m just too old or something. the crazy thing is that I sampled the second book in this series and it is good. I wanted to get that book from the library but it just came out in March so no such luck. I decided to reserve the book that includes these stories so maybe it will get better when I can read the entire book.  Miss?


I really liked this preview. The difference between The Unfairest of Them All and the other Ever After High previews is that this story is not about setting up characters. The characters are already set up from the first book so the story can commence. In this preview I got a chance to see the characters and their little quirks. I got to see little things about characters that are not talked about as much in the webisodes I’ve seen (I have not seen the recent ones, I’ve only seen the ones on Netflix).  Hit


Same exact feeling I had with Ever After High: Unfairest of Them All. The difference is that this series is about the characters that are beyond the first wave of characters. Rochelle Goyle is the  main character right now. I get to see these characters have adventures that are not included in the series.   Hit


So it was probably a mistake reading this right after Ever After High. I understood with a passion what people were talking about when they say they like ya/middle grade more than adult books.  Ever After High and Monster High were so fun to sample. Being adult seems like the most depressing stressful thing in the world. I feel that most of the time adult (and young adult) characters are all the same ones.  I know that is the strength of Monster High and Ever After High that the characters are distinct.  Also the book has some pretentious sounding stuff involved in it. I usually do not read books with married people because who in literature or media is portrayed as happily married. I can already assume that someone is cheating on someone or etc. The  reasons I read this book was because  I read Before I Go to Sleep and want more mystery novels even though I am supposed to taking a hiatus from the genre.  Miss


I did not like this. It just feels very basic.  Usually, Japanese novels are good at horror. This did not catch my attention, it feels very American in how it is dealing with the horror. Miss


Eh, not impressed or interested enough to continue. Miss


I feel like this is creative but it is missing something to catch me. I felt the same way with [Runaways]. I might continue it just for the creativity. I just feel that this will be another Chew, I like the creativity but the story does not catch me. Miss?


I think this story was good and seems like it could have made a full length novel. It is gory were it needs to be and goes right into the action. Hit


I have no idea what happened in this book so it was definitely a Miss


I will not say I exactly remember it (reading so many books at one time problems.). I gave it three stars and do remember liking it. Hit


This seems like it would be a okay book. It is a hard sell with this one because it seems like it could be decent but it is not a show stopper. Not every book needs to be a show stopper but this book is entirely out for free on xoxo books and I have not taken the time to finish it so that says something. I feel that this actually is like most of the new adult books I have read which are not bad but not amazing. I feel that one day I am going to be annoyed with the lack of creativity and distinction in the romance/chick/new adult genres, today is not that day. I do not see myself picking this book back up. Miss

Red Wings- I have no idea what this book is (again reading so many books in one month problems). I am going to assume that this book was not good because I do not remember it. Miss?

On the Books I Own Front

I’m having trouble wanting to read the books I own. I think I need to take a break and just read the graphic novels, comics, and manga. I just need fun in my reading life. I’m thinking of doing   30 books in 30 days for June or  30 books in June and July but that might too long for me. I really do not know were I am going with the books I own. I just know that right now it is really fun reading these comics and other books. That says something that I am actually having fun and not ranting that much now that I am not really reading the books I own.


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