Bookhaul {Library and adding to the shelf}


I got this because I have the first issue in the series. I have not started the series yet but I am hoping it is good.


I read the second book, The Unfairest of them all and wanted that but they did not have it. So I decided to just get this one instead.  The only thing I am worried about this books is that I read the sample chapters that are on each character, those all (I assume) are in this book. The two chapters I read did not impress me. I hope that with all the stories being in one book it can work better. I hope I like this story.


I read the free sample of the first chapter and it was top notch. So I decided to check this one out. This series so far is really good, I read the subseries The Dark Age.


I have really gotten into the Justice League series on Netflix and comics in general, so when I heard about this comic I was already signed up.


I read the other books in the series recently, I hope that these go more into depths that the anime and past mangas did not.


A couple of years ago there was this awesomely funny and good Korean drama called Hong Gil Dong. Hong Gil Dong is basically the Korean version of Robin Hood. When I was looking up comics I found this comic that is about Hong Gil Dong I wanted it.


I saw the movie a couple of years ago, it was good. I got this comic to finally try the series out. I could not get my hands on the series back in the day because it was too hot.


I love the cover for this book.


Saw the movie recently, it actually reminded me of Attack on Titan a bit. It had little things that are similar to each other but both stand on their own. The movie was good so hopefully this will be too.


A fantasy book that I sampled that did not make me feel that genre is dead. So crossing my fingers that this book delivers, hard.


First of all I bought a bunch of graphic novels since I am into graphic novels right now. Also, I bought some Stephen King novels because they were cheap and I like him. I want him to get himself together though in the next book I read by him. I read The Stand recently and it was bad. I’m going to do a review on the part I read when I dnf more books to fill an entire post.


This book haul I majorly got comics which are taking care of business right now.  I’m steadily receding into a world filled with graphic novels and manga, it is beautiful.



Author: themollyweather

I like to read, a lot.

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