A Senseless Quest -Unbookhauling

So I got around to reading the new books I got yesterday and some books that I own.

I will admit that I picked most of these books up because I thought I would not like them.

My General Reaction to most of these books:

– Umm…nah/eh

-the more the descritption the less the cares

-gosh, my patience is not here for this


Disclaimer: I did not read an entire chapter for most of these books because most of these books are eh level and I could sense it. I started fidgeting wanting for something to happen that would make me care.


This books was not awful but not good enough to keep my attention. My caring or excitement was absent so I’m done. I actually read the Pride and Prejudice Zombies graphic novel last year, I think, did not like it. I liked  the movie for this book and decided to try it out. I will never learn.


I read  two or three pages then decided to read what the book was about to see if that may interest me, nope. It was very basic. I want fantasy/sci-fi to wow me and I am shown repeatedly the many ways it can bore me.


Starting off your story like it is a basic contemporary novel is not interesting. Then the town is diverse but of course the main character is not. The main characters were so eh.


I was not interested so I just left. I want mystery to be interesting too but it is too busy not ever really doing anything. I literally went to sleep on this one.

9112510[Wood Magic]

This is the first book to Bevis. I feel too old for this book for one thing. Another is the story went straight into stuff happening without explaining what is going  and started off with so much description. It is a classic so a lot of description is usually a thing. Then it was jumping around from point to point without describing what is going on in the first place.  I just did not feel it was for me at the end of the day.  I just let this one go.


The more the description the less the cares I give.


eh, eye rolled once because of course the main character gets the tiniest bit embarrassed then it is his character motivation.


The main character rubbed me the wrong way and did not get my attention to keep going.


One page feels like a million.


I realized that I dnf Heart of Darkness  by him already so I dnf this one by association.


  • please start your novels off better
  • please create more creative stories with diverse characters
  • please create distinct characters

Thank you


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I like to read, a lot.

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