Library Checkout Review {17}



Pros: Robecca’s potential boyfriend (they need to make him into a doll), Robecca was the only character I could stand, learning about the world of Monster beyond what is on the webisodes, other characters who are not on the show, all the little moments that the main cast from the show appeared

Cons: characters are one note, Rochelle and Venus are annoying, the plot was basic and felt done at the last-minute, I don’t feel the friendship between these characters

Comments: The characters personalities are one-dimensional most of the time. Yes, there are moments when the characters are showed as flawed but those moments are overwhelmed by all the points when the characters are not. To a certain point the lack of personality dimensions could be explained by the characters being side characters in the webseries so the author may not have had that much room to work with. I just feel that characters that are on the same boat as them such as Howleen have a way more interesting and better development as a character (in the journals that came with her doll).

The problem is that  the Venus and Rochelle had one personality characteristic and that is all they came to be. I actually thought of all the cool people (from seeing their personalities in their journals, webseries, and the movies) that have way more interesting personalities that could have gotten a story.

Most Annoying

1. Rochelle- everything is about rules to the point that she can be very rude and condescending

2. Venus- She is one of those aggressively pushy people who cares about the environment


The werecat twins assessment of her is very sound when reading through her point of view for most of the book.

All she cares about is rules. Every word that comes out of her mouth is about rules. She corrects people a lot.


This is one of the problems I have with Venus: ( I will insert the cartoon post I saw  when I find it. Anyway, it shows how people get angry with even the mention of a person saying they are vegetarian because they expect them to be pushy and annoying. ) In Venus’s case it was her love for the environment which is okay in small doses but when that is ALL she is it is annoying.

She basically perpetuates the stereotype of people who are vegetarian and/or care about the environment.It is what people think all vegetarian/vegan/people who care for environmental rights are like.  People who are not pushy or rude have to deal with the stuff like the article above talks about. I’m a vegetarian but she became annoying as soon as her character was introduced. (I do think that one of the things that came from her environmental pushiness and things was cool though)

I can see why this is important personally to her because she is from nature herself. It would have been cool if that was explored or things were taken more in-depth in terms of her personality trait.  I have a problem that this is the image that young adults/middle grades are going to be fed.


She did not really have a strong personality which I liked compared to the other characters. However, I still feel like she did not have that much of a personality other than being late and forgetting things.

Ever After High was so much better. I think it is because Ever After High has an overwhelming purpose and their adventures are not stuck to a school.

-I sampled book 2 and things did not improve. I don’t want to continue this series just so I can see moments with Robecca and her potential man or Weberella as a character ( I mean Wydona Spider, I like calling her Weberella better).

Overall: I was expecting so much from reading the preview for this and after reading Ever After High. The personalities and basicness of the plot killed this story. Ever After High: The Storybook of Legends was so much better. I was so obsessed with Ever After High when it ended that it is weird to have to exact opposite reaction with this one.

I Will Pick These Back Up Later, Seriously

I said all those things last time in my library book haul about supporting authors you like and stuff. Well, I hit a reading slump of sorts so none of that happened. So read none of these books. I will honestly pick these back up later.




No spoilers.

Pros: There are so many questioned answered and so many questions that come from those answers. I think that this is the perfect place for people who have seen the anime because now things are away from where the anime ended. The pace is so fast in the manga series versus the anime which is usually the case in terms of book to television/movie adaptations. At first the fast pace bothered me in the earlier volumes because the anime gives time for you to breathe and take in situations. I think that I am really okay with how things are moving now because things are being answered. The pace makes me wonder when and how is this series going to end. The way that things are going the reason for the titans and other stuff needs to be strong. I recently read that the series is ending at 20 volumes. I think that is a good number  with the way that series is going the manga needs to have an end game. If you did not know I am obsessed with series now.

Cons: My usual complaints with this series the moral declarations that make me want to choke characters

So 11/20?

Comeback Later?/Finished


I will pick this up later maybe. I am conflicted if I should finish this or not.


I never even started it.


So I had  to go back to get this because it was the other interlibrary loan book I had.

+ addresses things that I never thought about in having your destiny decided, It gets into how silly it is in a way for people to play act through their lives, raven and her mom  relationship, has some creative stuff going on

-second books syndrome, stuff happened but it feels like nothing really happened for a mass majority of the book, the main plot seems to only be around to lead to the third book

Comments: While reading this I was going through a lack of interest in reading. The only reason I finished this is because it was a interlibrary loan book. I can’t tell if I was not into it because of my lack of interest in reading or it just not being as great as the first book. I might comeback later and do a more in-depth review of this book. Finished


I found this too while getting Ever After High. It is a first book in a series that I only have the second book to. Another casualty in my lack of interest in reading. These are my opinions of the book so far.

+Brian Selznick illustrating,

-the story feels kind of average

Comments: I have so much appreciation for the art of Brian Selznick it is not even funny. I was so surprised that the art for this book and the second book that I own tie into each other. I cannot show it because I do not have camera skills to give these books their due but it is really awesome if you ever get a chance to see them side by side. My main issue so far is just feeling that the story is not that unique. Beyond that I don’t know if it is that engaging. I can’t tell if this is from my lack of interest in reading or the book in itself.



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