Library Checkout & Bookhaul: That is Mostly Not For Me

I am still in my reading slump so the majority of these books are for my brother. On a sad note my brother is going off to university so this is the last bookhaul that I will be doing with him.

For My Brother


I would have really enjoyed this if I was interested in reading.


My brother is really into comics right now.


I might have to come out of my reading slump to read this. The last volume ended on a MAJOR cliff hanger.

For Me

I started writing a story in my boredom from not reading. I am writing just for fun not to publish anything. All these mythology books are to give me ideas and to help me learn more about different mythologies.



I got some more books for my cousin and a few for myself.

For Me

None of these are going in my books left to read list. I have a aversion to letting the list get bigger.


I found the English version with the cover I like. I will not be adding this to my books left to read list because I do not want my list to go up. Also, I don’t want to become reliant on this version. What I plan to do is to read the Spanish version all the way through a couple of times then read this version.













got this image from here

I got two other books that are in Japanese. One is a picture books too, it is called Kaguya Hime. The other is a bilingual book called Masterpieces For Young People, it actually talks about Kaguya Hime.

For My Cousin

Instead of getting books for myself I have been buying a lot of books for my cousin. I guess my book buying energies have to go somewhere.



I could not find the first one which sucks.


[all images unless stated are via goodreads]


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I like to read, a lot.

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