Top Ten Classics I Liked/Want To Read

I have so much love for classics.


1. The Hunchback of Notre Dame

This is the classic that I randomly think about how awesome it was. I think about how much adventure happened in this book. Adventure is usually not a word people associate with classics


2. David Copperfield


3. Anna Karenina


4. Jane Eyre

What I Want & Need Among Oldness

I love classic books so much but have grown bored with it. I think my boredom come from seeing the same type of novels and characters in these stories. What I have been thinking about doing for a while now is reading more obscure and just plain different classic books. I did a rant about the lack of new covers for books that probably need it more than the big name classics.

5. 1151821

It dawned on me one day that I could read this book and get the a Korean historical fiction novel, I’ve been craving.


Someone said this is supposed to be like Belle the movie in classic book form. I want to read this book and create a cover based off the events in the story. Ourika is one of those books that I feel could do so great if it was marketed and had more variety in its covers. Let it be know that I only know about this book because of tumblr not publishers. This would have been such a great book to promote around the time Belle was coming out.

Not So Obscure Classics


So I was looking up classic novel covers when I stumbled onto this. It made me want to read this book so much. I couldn’t find a good image of what the words on the cover says but it is basically a narration of this story in comic book form.

8. 2328693

A Few Classics I Own

I have many classic books left to read. These are two that I have started and like.


9. Ivanhoe

I’m going to finish this book one day. It’s not a bad book in the slightest so don’t think that.


10. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes


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I like to read, a lot.

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