DNF: The XX Factor


I made a plan that I was going to do a 19% first impressions review with this book and another book I was receiving for review. This plan did not happen like most of the plans I make. I make all these grand plans only to dnf the books.

I won this book off of goodreads the latter part of last year. As you can see it took me a long time to review this book. I did not review this book until now because I had a fear that this book would be one of those books that would say women need to get back into the house and blame women for every problem. Recently, I decided to read this in result of my lack of interest in fiction. I felt that I needed to read non-fiction for a bit. Well, things did not go as planned.

The Good
The introduction made me feel that this book would be thought provoking. I was even prepared to not like everything the author said if it made me think. I actually wrote out my first impressions for the introduction for the 19% impressions plan.

Introduction:(My uncorrected proof copy says How The Rise of Working Women Has Created A Far Less Equal World so that is most of where my first reaction is coming from)So far I like it. My opinion so far is that I don’t care is women’s place that they are taking in the workplace is creating an unequal world. I feel that women need a world that has them in the equation. My attitude as of late dealing with all these issues (race, gender, publishing, etc.) is that if society does not have that group(s) in mind why are should they be present. They want to profit off of people but don’t want to give them equal opportunities. Society was never equal in the first place so yeah. Personally, I’m tired of considering these people when those people do not care about me.

I like that the book is addressing that all women are not created equal. Many women are entering the work force out of necessity not exactly to get a leg up. Many women do not have a choice of not working. You cannot grow as a society and expect everyone to stay the same. Society needs to grow to fit the need of its people in general. To get women out of the workforce there has to be many changes that I don’t think that the other half is going to make.

To Sum it Up
1.This world is unequal in the first place.
2.Why should these marginalized groups think about people when they do not think about me in their equation?
3.Many women have no choice in working.
4.Are we going to talk to men about their role in things or are we going to just police women?

I do think some of the ideas such as more part-time jobs for people would be good. I don’t know if it would be good for economy or anything but it would be good for many people.

The Bad

After the introduction this book lost my engagement. I started to force myself to keep going with this book. I think many other reviewers for this book hit the nail on the head for why I lost interest in this book.

One of the main reasons my interest was lost was because it feels so repetitive. How many ways can you say that the more education the less likely a woman is to have kids? This entire point and the reasons why are common knowledge. That is another problem I had, most of the information seems like common knowledge stuff.

Thank you Alison Wolf and goodreads for sending me this book for free in exchange for my review.


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