Bookhaul 8/8/14

First Impressions (Prologue and Chapter 1)


I wanted this book to be more historical than romance.

Liked: I did like that it started off with the action.

Disliked: Marianne, the main character, seems to be a basic girl character. The story felt average too. It may not be as basic as I am making it seem the scene on the cover really does happen from what I have read online. I’m just not here for a woman getting treated like trash and not having anything distinguishable to her personality.  -YAWN, yes I really did think yawn (a couple of times) while reading the first two chapters from this book.

I noticed a couple of tropes in the book that if you have read romance for a while you will recognize.

Trope: describing men lips as sensual.

Trope: Random guy(s) that that are aggressively obsessed with the heroine, probably will be villain later.

Trope: There cannot be another woman in the general vicinity without there being unreasonable jealousy of the main character.


I Need To Be Appeased On a positive note reading this did make me think about what I need to get back into the romance genre. I actually want the main character to be a anti-heroine just so I can avoid the plain as bread girl character. I don’t want a plain guy character either. And lastly just as important I need to be able to feel the romance between the characters.


One thing I like is that it feels different from other horror novels I have read. It might not be as creative as I think it is but it is interesting.There are only 22 ratings on goodread for this book. That is another thing I enjoy there is not a lot of attention on this book. So I don’t have expectations on this book because I have not heard about it over and over again. I like it. It starts off with the action right away which is definitely a plus.

Not Going Into Books Left To Read Shelf


I got this for my cousin but realized after I got it home that it is vintage. I don’t want them to tear this book up so I will get them a new copy later.


I already read this and was getting this for my cousin but I thought about it. They are probably too young to really appreciate this. So I will hold onto this until they get older.


I already read this and got it for my cousins to read. I forgot though that I gave them my copy of the book the day before so I am keeping this copy.

For My Cousin(s)

I also got Monster House based on the movie which I could not find the cover for.





[all images via goodreads]


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