Library Checkout 10/8/14 (+First Chapter Test)

I  know that I’m supposed to be doing the Stop Starting New Books thing but I just got these books out of the blue. Well, not completely out of the blue.  Upon reaching the last 200 pages of A Feast For Crows I got this sense that nothing happened.  I hate to put this in peoples heads who have not read the book but in my opinion (and most people who read the book) it is true. I went back to book 1,2, and 3 where I saw that at that point in the book things happened. People are not sititng and twiddling their thumbs but nothing epic has happened. I really started to want a fantasy novel. So I got some library books because I was feeling good and was in the library. I am assuming that by the time I post this I will feel sucky again (blah college). Yep, blah college.  I got these when I was  on the last 81 pages of A Feast For Crows. I probably should have waited until I finished it but I don’t roll that way.

It helps that most of these books  have under 2000 ratings on goodreads. I want to branch out and read more of the lesser popular books in the world. I think that this is sort of a good time because I’m in a new book setting so I can have a sense of starting fresh.


I read the first couple of chapters of this and it seems to be solid so far. It is the best of the books I got from the library so far. I like that I get strong sense of who she is right away. This story feels so unique in so many ways. I hope I like this at the end.


Trying too hard to be dark. I just was not into the questionable things that happened and how we are supposed to root for the main character doing questionable things.  DNF


yep, I got this again just to promptly DNF it.

I did not like this book because it feels bland. It took me a week to read the first chapter of this book. I just was not impressed by it. It has a video game, manga series, and movie by the way. I didn’t realize all this until I decided to stop reading the book.


I know that I got too many books for my school workload.

11451112 I feel that this book has some uniqueness to it too just like Akata Witch. I like it slightly less than Akata Witch though.

You’re probably wondering why I got these after all the noise I talk about ya ( I actually think most of these are middle grade. This is why I think middle grade is going more places than ya.). Well, my school library is categorized in the  library of congress style and has reference books mixed in. I feel like it takes more time to find adult books than in the past. Lack of time is something that I’m really dealing with right now. The ya section is nicely organized together in the old style I’m used to. It makes it easier to find random books.

Reading these books reminds me of why I came up with the Stop Starting New Books plan.

All The Reasons I Shouldn’t Have Gotten These Books

– Due date

It puts more stress on me to do something by a date.

-I carried around a 810 page book for about a week I ended up DNFing

It’s Brave Story by the way.

-Having to put work into focusing to see if I like a book.



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