I Can’t Stop Starting New Books (Have Your Cake and Read It Too)

I have a problem. Even seeing the effects of starting new books when I don’t have the time or calmness to, I still want to start new books.

I do have a problem with starting new books when I’m already reading a book that is good. Yes, I will put down a book I like to pick up a book that is an unknown.

Usually, this would not really be an issue picking up a bunch of books because that is my default reading mode. College and time are my biggest enemies now.  Right now I think this huge urge to start a new book is coming from me wanting to read a classic. I have 3 classics that are a part of the stop starting new books lists that I could read. I want to read these while starting a new classic book. It seems like too much but I don’t know.

Now, I’m in a conundrum of what should I read now. Here are my picks (other than the Stop Starting New Books Classics):


Now, I’m probably going to spend an entire week reading the first chapter of each of these books. Well, at least I own each of these so it will go towards my books left to read.

A Few Benefits To Classics

  • Almost Automatically come with a free ebook and audiobook
  • Readalongs and chapter summaries are usually a given



Author: themollyweather

I like to read, a lot.

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