Library Checkout 10/20-21/14 {Classics Edition: I Will Have My Cake and Read It Too}

I can see how people can spend all their years in college not reading at all. It’s so easy to do it. You have to fight for your free time. It takes me a  week to read what I did in a day or two.

So even though: I talked about how getting books from the library is not a good idea and such, I still got more books from the library. I got those books I talked about in my last post.

Its crazy to think about my experience with going to the library high school versus college. I go about the same amount honestly but read less.

High School Vs College Libraries {Food Policies}

One of the things that is interesting (at least to me) is that there are big signs that say no food or drinks in the library. In high school the librarian would say something to you. In college people have drinks next to computers they are on. Nobody cares. I think that is one of the themes in college nobody cares.

You are probably wondering why check out books that you already own. I wanted to see the old editions of the books I own and going to the library is exciting.


Basically, all the books I showed you in this post.  The ones I got are all old, cool, and have pictures. I got a extra book I did not mention in that post.


[This is not the edition I got from the library. The edition I got is old and does not have a dust jacket. ]

I was looking it up on the school library because I like to do this new thing where I look at the old editions of classic books at my school library.  I talked about the ya section but did not mention that there are so many classic books. So many. Anyway, I was looking it up and on the description it said something about colored illustrations. Even though, I checked out all those books from the last post I still got Ivanhoe. It’s okay that I still have not read one chapter of a book this week. It is okay that I probably will not finish any of these books by the day they are due. Well, at least I get a longer time to read the books.  The books are due in December. I just have to make the time to read them. I’m off to play the read the books or play the sims.


Author: themollyweather

I like to read, a lot.

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