Stop Starting New Books (part 2)

Be prepared to read about every microscopic detail of these books because I’m possibly going to be reading them for the rest of the year (yeah, I’m not a read a set list of books reader).


Hardcover ≠ Indestructible


I thought that if it is hardcover it would not be a problem. My Feast For Crows is chuffed up. Hardcovers are way more durable than softcovers but still not indestructible.  It does give me the opportunity to make book covers for each book. I started thinking of what would make a good no spoiler free book cover for A Feast For Crows. Now that we are on it they need to come up with new A Song of Ice and Fire book covers. I (and my mom) thought up a book cover for the book but I didn’t get a chance to make it before I finished the book.  A Feast For Crows is easy to think up book cover ideas, East of Eden isn’t going to be.



This is their sizes relative to each other.

Books Pgs Left To Read Put This Book Down Because…  Genre
Lolita 228  Lack of progression  literary fiction
Canterbury Tales 288 Long chapter  classic
Scandalmonger 448 Long chapters  historical fiction
Ivanhoe 374 Needed to actively read it and not just audiobook it  classic
East of Eden 440/266* Needed a break I guess  classic
Sherlock Holmes 281 Reading too many books at one time  classic, mystery
A Feast For Crows Finished Finished  Finished it!!!  fantasy


*East of Eden: 440 is left if I was counting the page count of the entire book including The Westward Bus. 266 is if I just count pages left in just East of Eden.


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