I Don’t Own But That Does Not Stop The Want {Non-Own TBR Books}

I’m actually not supposed to do this because my blog is supposed to be about reading the books I own. Then again I do go to the library at least once a month to get books I don’t own so that’s that.

So the new Ever After High book came out and I want it so bad. This is the entire reason for this post.  I love love that Cedar Wood and Maddeline Hatter view points are in this book (I actually read maybe a paragraph if that of the preview and someone else from the series may have a view point too). Now that I think about it Madeline Hatter had little view points in the first book. I’m just excited for Cedar Wood because she is such a not shown character. My thing is she is friends with Raven Queen but we barely see her. I think they are just really formulating who she is right now. So that is why she is becoming more present now in the show and books.  I’m excited about this book and the others coming.




I just love how they are expanding on the characters point of views. ( A Tale of Two Sisters is included in here so I need to get this. I just need my local area libraries to get it.)


These are the last books that Shannon Hale authors in the series. I’m anxious about the new author, Suzanne Selfors. I do like where the series is going though.


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