My Reading Plans {Let Me Put My Cake In The Fridge & Deal With The Blogging For Books Cycle}

I recently received the Sleepy Hollow book I requested from blogging for books. This week I saw that they had another book I wanted at blogging for books. If you don’t know blogging for books is a site for readers who have blogs can request books to review on their blogs. The thing is that this site is not like netgalley which, I think is a strength. The difference is that you can only get one book at a time. I explained all this so that you can understand why I am taking 7 days to read Sleepy Hollow: Children of the Revolution so that I can get this other fiction book I want.

The Blogging for Books Cycle

I think that this site works better for me than netgalley because among many other reasons they make you read one book at a time. If you want another book you have to read that book you already requested and do a review. I’m caught in a cycle now where I request a book then hurry and read it to get another book. It happened with Confessions of A Sociopath which I was humdrum about but finished it so I could get Sleepy Hollow. I think it is like a reward. At the end of reading a book you get rewarded by getting a new book. It’s the revolving one that will probably always be a part of my bookshelf because I finish one then get another.

My “Plans”

I gave air quote plans because these are highly subject to change. These plans all depend on how I feel after reading Sleepy Hollow and such.

  1. Read Sleepy Hollow: Children of the Revolution (50% already)
  2. Review it
  3. Request other book
  4. While waiting on other book read How To Be A Good Wife or if that sucks classic books

Update on Library Books/Classics

I may read A Tale of Two Cities just because one of my goodreads groups is reading it.

I want to have my cake and it read too but I feel that focusing on one book is the best choice. I might actually finish some books I own. I think that accepting that is okay. I’m actually getting far in a book versus last week where I read basically nothing.

I took  back Akata Witch and In Darkness to the library without finishing them. I do want to come back to them just not right now.  I’m on the fence if I should take my other library books back too.

My “Plans” (Possible November TBR)


1. Sleepy Hollow: Children of the Revolution

10/19  Chapters

157/290  Pages

Hopefully by the time this posts I will be finished with it.

I totally need to think up a solution to protecting my books from damage. I already bent the cover and have a line down the spine.  There is wear on the ends of the book.


2. How to Be A Good Wife

This book should be more protected because I made a book cover for it. I made a bookmark also. If I can figure out how to put it on here I will.


3. A Tale of Two Cites or any of the other classics

I have to make sure I limit the amount of books on my tbr because I get to antsy and want to read all of them to decide who is the best. Basically, the entire reason for the eat cake and read it too posts.


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