DNF: How To Be A Good Wife

how to be a good wife

After making a  bookmark and book cover for this book to carry around at school…

After finding this great cover that I feel  fits this book so well…

I couldn’t do it.

[I read 40-50 pages or about 16% in total.]

I’m going to input a paragraph that is actually from September when I first read 2 chapters from this book (It’s still very relevant and sums up my feelings). I wanted to take this with me to school to save on backpack weight instead of A Feast For Crows but it’s not good enough to do that. I just finished Confessions of a Sociopath so my limit on books I requested/won that I’m not that into is low. They both are not bad but not amazing or engrossing. People  compare this book to Before I Go To Sleep which can be a good and bad thing. I definitely feel Before I Go To Sleep is better and the feel and premise works better there than here so far. I feel like this book is trying to say some things about feminism and be a mystery at the same time. I am eh about the feminism that I see so far and the feminism I will see in the future because it is going to get the light tap special. It is going to lightly focus on the inequalities that women face. It is not going to go address the feminism in a way that cuts people. I want to see feminism and so many other topics addressed in a way that will cut into the inequities of our society. Honestly, I don’t care about this book all that much. That sucks because I requested this and was honored by getting it sent to me. I’m thankful for being able to win/get requested books but I’m just not that into most of  these books.  Let me pretend for a minute that this book is going to get better and go somewhere amazing (sigh it is not and that is boring).  Yeah, to lukewarm books.


Same but now I am not skirting around the b word, boring. I’m in college now so I don’t have time like in the past (even though if a book is not for me all the time in the world will not save it.). This is a fact many people are probably tired of me saying. Like I said above Before I Go To Sleep is better and everything fit in that story. How to Be A Good Wife  jumps around without explaining things, one of my top pet peeves.  I found myself just reading without feeling any investment in the characters. I think this book is not for me.


Author: themollyweather

I like to read, a lot.

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