November Bookhaul

I had to push for 10 to get in on this deal. I hated it. So some of these books are going to be things that don’t interest me at all. I’m too cynical to believe that books I got just to reach ten will be good.

I’ll order them from least to most interested.

Ugh I Just Think These Will Not Be Good


I really feel in my being that these are going to be bad. I will give them a try though because I did pay for them.



It sucks that White Jenna is book two in a series.


I thought this book was middle grade so I got it for my cousin(s). The edition that I own it has the look of an old 90s young adult novel. I read the synopsis and it is for adults so yeah.



I watch the show Rizzoli and Isles so that is why I got The Sinner, hope it is good.

Might Actually Be Good


Easy To Kill might be good since Poirot is not the detective on the case. I am extremely rooting for Charlotte Brontes secret history to be good so that I can do a I love girls in dresses post.


A Twist of Fate: okay this surprised me because I see so many romance novels that don’t have non-white characters. I’ve been wanting for there to be more interracial romance books out in the literary world. I hope so hard that this is good.

Side note, I put both of these covers up so you could see the two fairly different looks that the covers show of the heroine. I have to read this so I can see how the author describes her appearance. My cover is the one on the right.

For My Cousin(s)


I like the premise of ya novels so hard but can’t read ya. I tried reading Delirium because I previewed it in the past and thought it was okay.I can not do it now. I  was through with Libba Bray with Beauty Queens. As long as my cousin likes it that is all that matters.


I read kira-kira as a teenager which is pretty cool that I can find it and pass it to my cousin(s). I don’t remember anything really except a kite.


This book did not have a dust jacket so I thought it was the book on the right not the book on the left.


Dark Quetzal: This did not have a dust jacket either which would have told me that it is the third in the series. Dust jackets are so useful.


I read Sarah Dessen as a teenager. I read the How To Deal novel which I remember liking.


I started getting this saga originally for my cousin but may give it to someone else. I don’t know. I have to see what is going on with them. I actually read the first one in high school and can remember major parts from the book. That is crazy since I liked those two other books mentioned earlier better. Even though, I was not into the series I want to give her free reign in her reading and not have people policing it. I do want to be careful that she does not read some of not age appropriate stuff out in the market though. Okay, so all I need now is the fourth one.

In My Mailbox


I finally got this book. This is the book I was talking about when I said I was reading Sleepy Hollow: Children of the Revolution in 7 days so I could get a new book. I previewed this book a while back and thought it was cool. The idea of someone trying to survive on a deserted Mars  sounds so promising to me. I want to get a sci-fi  that is good so bad. I’m probably not going to read this book until December because of finals being so close.

I also got a  bunch of comics that all look good. I’ll review some comics on here one day. Okay, now I will go off to draft my library haul.


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